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Fictional Characters Who Are Way Older Than They Look

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Looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to fictional characters. Fantasy and science fiction are full of beings with unusually long lifespans, but it's easy to forget that when they don't look a day over 100. Movie adaptations are especially bad when it comes to character ages, as they have to cast real human beings in these roles and not immortal elves. You can't blame them; does anyone really want to see an 87 year-old man play Aragorn in Lord of the Rings

How well do you know your favorite characters really? Would it surprise you to find out that Chewbacca is over 200 years old, or that Jack Reacher is already deep in his 50s? Don't let their youthful depictions fool you, these characters are much older than you think. 

  • Raven Darkholme, better known by her alias Mystique, is an enigma. Since she can manipulate her appearance at will, it's hard to tell exactly how old she is. According to the character herself, she was not born in the 20th century. This would make her 120 at the very least, but it's likely that she was born even earlier. She was once given a sapphire necklace and told that the sapphire was her birth stone, suggesting that she was at least born in the month of September.

    • Actor: Rebecca Romijn
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  • Aragorn is already one of the biggest badasses in fantasy history, but his feats become even more impressive once you realize that he was already 87-years old when he met Frodo. That's because Aragorn isn't just a regular man, he's a Númenórean. For them, 87 is pretty much the prime of their life. In fact, Aragorn manages to live to the ripe old age of 210. 

    • Actor: Viggo Mortensen
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  • Chewbacca is so old that it's a miracle he hasn't gone gray. The towering Wookie was already 200 years old by the time he met Luke and Leia in A New Hope, making him 234 at the time of The Force Awakens. While that might seem pretty old, Chewbacca is actually middleage by Wookie standards. The average Wookie can live well past 400 years

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    • Hobbits are strange creatures, partly because they don't look their age. Adult hobbits tend to look like children to humans, and it's not hard to see why. Take Frodo for example. He's fresh faced and energetic, but he's also 50 by the time he joins the Fellowship of the Ring. In the novel, Frodo is actually 33 on the day of Bilbo's 111th birthday; however, he doesn't leave the Shire for another 17 years. The film makes it appear that Frodo left the Shire shortly after Bilbo's disappearance, but that's not the case in the books.

      • Actor: Elijah Wood
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