The Greatest Immortal Characters in Fiction

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Immortality is a common theme in fiction. It often explores many different themes, from what it means to live forever, to what it’s like to see the world change around you. Many fictional immortal characters deal with eternal loneliness. Characters like The Doctor from "Doctor Who" and the vampire Lestat are constantly looking for companions to spend their eternal, never ending days with, even if they know the company is only temporary.

Many fictional immortal characters are supernatural beings, such as vampires, highlanders, and aliens. The most famous immortal vampires include Dracula, Barnabas Collins, and practically the entire cast of "True Blood," and "Twilight."

Other times immortality comes from a special, even magical source as in the cases of Dorian Gray, Ra’s al Ghul, and Jesse Tuck.

Who is your favorite immortal character? This list features some of the most famous immortal characters to ever appear in fiction, whether it be books, TV, film, or comic books.

Most divisive: Freddy Krueger
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