10+ Objectively Terrible Fictional Characters Who Totally Don't Deserve Their Happy Endings

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Generally, moviegoers and TV viewers are force fed a protagonist that they're supposed to root for no matter what, even if some of the things said protagonist does are objectively terrible. In fact, there are a ton of supposedly good characters who don't deserve a happy ending in movies or TV. While movies where the loveable idiot doesn't get the girl exist, there are far more shows and movies that end happily even when they shouldn't.

It's not always about love. Sometimes, the heroes of the stories commit crimes for which they aren't punished at all. Sometimes, they're jerks who inexplicably get to keep their friends and family regardless of their heartless behavior.

Here's a list of characters who don't deserve their happy endings.


  • Lily Aldrin Selfishly Dictates Marshall's Life In How I Met Your Mother
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    Many How I Met Your Mother fans focus on Ted, his transgressions, and whether or not he deserves his happy ending. Well, his ending is more bittersweet than anything and Robin proves to be a somewhat selfish character throughout the show herself, so maybe they do deserve each other. Lily, however, does not deserve Marshall.

    First, she calls off their engagement to pursue a hopeless art career in San Francisco. While this is selfish, it's understandable. She definitely should have included Marshall in the decision making process, though. It's a bad look but it doesn't make her irredeemable. But then her actions in marriage are equally selfish. She runs up credit card debt, forcing Marshall into a corporate law career that makes him miserable. Furthermore, they move to Italy for her career, once again thwarting Marshall's ambitions, this time to be a judge. Theirs is an astoundingly one-sided relationship.

  • To be fair, Seth is a high schooler and young people are often monsters, but he stands out. He's selfish, whiny, dumb, and super perverted. He puts Evan in actual danger on his quest to get alcohol and feels wronged when Evan has finally had enough.

    Seth is a little horn ball but in the end he somehow lands Emma Stone's character. She's a pretty girl and a decent person so it doesn't add up. Hollywood loves to couple a great gal with a loser dude. 

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    Walter Hobbs Is A Bad Father And Husband In Elf

    Yes, the whole point of Elf is that the coldhearted Walter Hobbs becomes ultimately a better person, but does that really excuse a lifetime of being bad? His marriage has always been one-sided with Emily being a wonderful wife and mother that he simply takes for granted. He doesn't treat her particularly well and he pretty much ignores his son until the end of the film.

    In the end, he begins to do little more than display love for his family but that's somehow sufficient. Since he is lucky enough to keep his family, he has a lifetime of making up to do. 

  • Willie is a lecherous, derelict alcoholic who robs shopping malls for a living. He takes advantage of a young boy and his senile grandmother and then moves into their home. During this time, he also meets the woman of his dreams, Sue. Yes, Willie is redeemed as he comes to care for the boy, Thurman, but after a lifetime of crime, he gets away with everything.

    He's not charged for his indiscretions, he's given a job with the local police department, and he gets the girl. Still, Willie is kind of a prick. Things shouldn't have worked out so well for him.