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10+ Objectively Terrible Fictional Characters Who Totally Don't Deserve Their Happy Endings

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Generally, moviegoers and TV viewers are force fed a protagonist that they're supposed to root for no matter what, even if some of the things said protagonist does are objectively terrible. In fact, there are a ton of supposedly good characters who don't deserve a happy ending in movies or TV. While movies where the loveable idiot doesn't get the girl exist, there are far more shows and movies that end happily even when they shouldn't.

It's not always about love. Sometimes, the heroes of the stories commit crimes for which they aren't punished at all. Sometimes, they're jerks who inexplicably get to keep their friends and family regardless of their heartless behavior.

Here's a list of characters who don't deserve their happy endings.

  • In Vacation, Clark actually starts out as a good husband and father but by the end of the trip, he's done some pretty unforgivable stuff. First and foremost, he kills a dog by leaving it tied to the bumper of the car. Yes, it's an accident but it's disgustingly negligent, and a criminal offense. Then he flirts with the Ferrari girl while in the car with his family. Of course, he later goes skinny dipping with her and that's even worse. Somehow, Ellen just forgives him for this. Finally, he threatens a security guard at Walley World with a realistic-looking gun, forcing the man to take them through the park as he's become unhinged after the disastrous getaway.

    Owner Roy Walley decides not to press charges against Clark out of sympathy and the Griswold family enjoys a lovely romp through the park. If Clark isn't going to be imprisoned for his crimes, Ellen should have left him in the desert.

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  • National Lampoon's Animal House is actually full of bad people. Pretty much every member of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity is terrible. Throughout the film, the brothers treat women as sex objects (one almost date rapes a 13-year-old), kill a horse, and nearly kill dozens of people when they intentionally drive a vehicle through a parade.

    Despite all of this moronic behavior, the members of the Delta house go on to have great careers, including head idiot, Bluto, who becomes a Senator. Given the actions of the Deltas in the climactic scene, they all should be tried for attempted murder but frat boys tend to get away with a lot.

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    Benjamin Barry Is The Slightly More Terrible Human In How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

    Both Benjamin Barry and Andie Anderson (excellent character names, by the way) play some pretty shady games in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Anderson comes up with the idea to write an article by the titular name. To do so she has to toy with a man's feelings. However, the man she chooses is, fortunately, even more of a jerk because he is acting on a bet that he can make a woman fall for him in 10 days, after which he would presumably toss that woman aside.

    In both cases, the casual manipulation of another person is appalling. One could make the argument that both main characters are terrible and thus neither deserves a happy ending or perhaps, that they actually do deserve each other because that way they each end up with a horrible partner. 

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  • More so in the movies than the books, Ron is depicted as a real pill. He's whiny, jealous, immature, not particularly bright, and often inconsiderate. His negative qualities are front and center in the films with very little revelation of the positive traits that make him lovable in the books.

    Immediately after the Battle for Hogwarts, Harry breaks the Elder Wand and tosses it aside, which Ron laments because he's an example of a lesser man, greedy and desirous of power. Still, though, he ends up with the real hero of the series, Hermione (Harry and Ron are ridiculously helpless without her).

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