The Greatest Silent Characters

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Vote up the characters who never speak or speak so rarely that their silence is effectively one of their defining characteristics.

Some fictional characters are overly chatty. However, there are the rare few characters who pretty much never speak out loud. The reasons for these characters' silence differs tremendously. Sometimes the character is just an introspective person, such as Silent Bob. Sometimes the character doesn’t even have the ability to speak, such as animals like Snoopy, Gromit, and Pluto.

Often a character’s silence is used as a comedic device. Harpo was the Marx brother famous for his mute reactions. Mr. Bean’s inability to talk is another example of silence used for humor, often stemming from misunderstandings. However, a lot of these characters use their silence for menacing purposes, as with Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Ilyn Payne.

Just because a character is silent doesn’t mean they’re dumb or don’t have anything to say. These silent fictional characters prove that. Who are your favorite characters who never speaks?


Most divisive: Silent Bob
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