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The Best Fictional Characters Who Sacrificed Themselves

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List RulesCharacters from film, television, and literature who sacrificed themselves. Vote up the best characters whose sacrifice meant the most.

They all paid the ultimate price. In that defining moment, each of these characters who sacrificed their lives and died for the benefit of others. Some came from the world film, others from television, and a few came from literature. These are the best fictional characters who sacrificed themselves.

Heroic sacrifice in fiction has been around for a long time. The bible tells the story of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross so that his people’s sins could be forgiven. That same narrative is still used today in multi-million-dollar blockbuster movies.

Many of the characters on this list were severely flawed. But when the time came to give up everything, they saw the light and met their redemptive deaths. Others on this list were always heroes, set out to make their world a better place, and always knew that their end would come for a greater purpose. Good or bad, protagonist or villain, they all died a hero's death. (Of course, not every protagonist's demise is heroic. Cinema has given us a handful of dumb heroic sacrifices, as well.)

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    Deactivated the jamming signal so his friends could get rescued and drowned in the process.
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    Pvt. Witt

    The Thin Red Line
    Drew gunfire so the rest of his unit had time to escape the Japanese invasion.