The Best Fictional Characters Who Time Travel

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Time travel is an extremely interesting subject in fiction because it deals with a myriad of themes and issues. Traveling in time allows fictional characters to deal with history, the future, or both with modern day characters. Characters who time travel range from average Joes who stumbled into time travel, to hundred year old aliens who love to move through time and space.

The charm of some time traveling fiction is to see how characters deal with an unfamiliar era. Marty McFly dealt with his parents in high school, while Austin Powers traveled from the 60s to the 90s and had to abandon some of his 60s-ways. Not all time travel is used for innocent purposes. In the Terminator series, killer cyborgs used time travel to murder people and change the future.

Some time travelers use a time machine or spaceship, while others time travel by accident. While The Doctor use his Tardis to see the universe, Peggy Sue’s concussion allowed her to go travel back in time to her high school days.

Who is your favorite fictional time traveler? What era would you visit if you could time travel?

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