The Greatest Masked Characters

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In fiction, masks are often used to disguise secret identities. These masks usually become as iconic, if not more so, than the characters who wear them - even if they often look pretty uncomfortable or embarrassingly bad. Often times characters will don a mask in order to protect their identity while living their secret life. Other fictional characters use masks to cover up disfigurement.

Horror movies often use masks as a way to hide the identity of the killer, especially since it’s more terrifying to wonder what sort of face is so scary that it needs to be hidden away. The masks in Friday the 13th and Scream have become far more well-known than the killers that wore them and are often worn as Halloween costumes.

The fictional characters on this list wear masks for a myriad of reasons, from hiding secret identities to scaring potential murder victims. Who is your favorite fictional character to ever don a mask?