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Characters Whose Heights You Were Totally Wrong About

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The height of a fictional character is something that casual readers and viewers rarely think about. But if you think about it, height is really integral to understanding the story. After all, how tall a person is dramatically changes how that person views the world (no pun intended) and so a fan’s idea of a character’s height will invariably affect how they view said character’s perspective. The story of a 5’3” protagonist (like Wolverine) is just not the same as the story of someone who could play professional basketball (like Hodor).

The age of data collection and fandom sites has ensured that there is a deluge of information available on the vital statistics of various fictional universes. Occasionally, there are some nuggets of data that can shift how you think about a story. When you see the heights of these fictional charactes, you’ll never look at that character the same ever again. Whether it’s a rough and tough mutant who’s way too short, or a terrifyingly tall dinosaur-tyrant, these minute details change everything.

  • Maybe it’s the portrayal of normal-sized Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, but the idea of a tall Iron Man is hard to picture. However, according to Marvel Comics records, Iron Man is supposed to tower over most Avengers at an impressive 6’6”.  That's like... you'd notice that guy if you were walking down the street, you know?

    Some of that height can be attributed to the suit, but that’s still a lot bigger than we’ve seen Iron Man depicted in the films. The notion of Iron Man literally looking down on Captain America is pretty strange.

    We know this character’s height due to internal drawing guidelines, several series of trading cards, and fan guides published by Marvel.

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  • Wolverine is considered by many to be the ultimate badass. The adamantium-laced Canadian mutant has long been the most popular member of the X-Men, and a Hollywood portrayal by Hugh Jackman only helped his reputation flourish. Look, Wolverine never seemed like a big dude, but he’s actually so short it’s shocking.

    The best there is at what he does stands at a measly 5’3” according to internal drawing guidelines, several series of trading cards, and fan guides published by Marvel. Despite this, Logan remains one of the most intimidating Marvel characters out there. Even if you could totally dunk on him. 

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  • 6'4" Starfire Is Supermodel Tall
    Photo: DC Comics

    Starfire isn’t perhaps the most well-known DC Comics character, but she’s a favorite amongst fans as a Teen Titan and a love interest of Dick Grayson. She should also be better known for her ability to tower over Grayson and most other Titans at an impressive 6’4”.

    Starfire is part of an alien race, but that still doesn’t fully account for her knockout height. She'd be standout in any room even if she didn't have orange skin and glowing green eyes. 

    We know this character’s height due to internal drawing guidelines, several series of trading cards, and fan guides published by DC.

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  • The Fantastic Four may not be at the height of their fame, thanks to some less-than-stellar box office performances, but their name still carries weight among comic book fans. That’s doubly true of their most popular member, the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing.

    Ben "It's Clobberin' Time" Grimm is a lovable behemoth who has gone toe-to-toe with the Hulk (among other monsters). It's surprising, then, to learn that he’s only six feet tall. In terms of height, he’s just an average-sized guy, which doesn’t rely jive with the sorts of opponents he normally takes on.

    We know this character’s height due to internal drawing guidelines, several series of trading cards, and fan guides published by Marvel.

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