Fictional Characters You'd Leave Your Woman For

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Smart, sexy, funny female fictional characters that you would actually want to be with... if they were real, of course. Characters can be from TV or film.

She’s the woman of your dreams and she just killed a dude with a bow and arrow. She’s totally not real but if you were facing off against an army of bad guys, she’s the girl you’d want beside you, or maybe in front of you. Of all of your favorite female fictional character crushes (from either film or TV), who would you seriously consider dropping your lady for even for just a long weekend? Princess Leia, Jackie Brown, or Pam Poovey? All three? None of those? 

What’s the criteria for the fictional characters you’d leave your wife for? Is she great with a stake, have even sharper wit, or is it that she can bail you out of a mess that makes her one of your favorite female fictional characters? Appealing and attractive female fictional characters are strong, funny, and are probably going to have the last laugh when things go awry.

Fictional characters you’d want to be with could be cute, sexy, statuesque, or shorties. She probably knows how to rock a leather outfit or a prison uniform. Maybe she’s an animated character! Maybe she likes apples and can fly because friendship is magic!

Whether she’s a vampire, vampire slayer, or mother of dragons, there are a lot of ladies to choose from on this list of characters, both from movies and television. Upvote the fictional characters you’d want to be with and the fictional characters you’d leave your wife for. Have another awesome female character in fiction you'd be with if you weren't already tied down? Add her to the list for others to vote as well!
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