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List of fictional children who are going to be messed up adults. Today we pit Nature vs. Nurture as we look at 15 fictional children who are going to make for some messed up adults. Does it come from parenting? Is it something already built into their DNA? Or does it have to do more with the environment they’re brought up in?

Some children on the our list have to avenge their families, some of them are destined to be leaders in a post- apocalyptic world, and someone of them are surrounded by so much death how can they not be desensitized?

Look at the precious ragamuffins below, read the cases as to why they’re ticking time bombs, and upvote who’s going to be the most trouble for either themselves and/or society at large. If there’s anyone we left off the list, feel free to add them.

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Carl is the wave of the future – but what kind of future? It's no secret that Carl will have to one day take over and lead the group after his father, but what kind of leader will he be? At this point Carl is completely desensitized to shooting a person in the face. He gets plenty of practice with the walkers and he’s a crack shot for a person whose voice hasn’t even changed yet. In the comic books, Carl slowly becomes a sociopath, and that’s a realistic outcome growing up in a zombie apocalypse with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Carl will grow up to lead the group as an unwavering dictator. He won’t bend the rules for anyone because he’ll see the mistakes his father made. He’ll also have no trouble killing anyone living or dead, and he'll be able to make the harder decisions for group survival. Carl might not be crazy like The Governor (though it's not hard to imagine), but any normal human compassion he may have picked up in his few years will be completely drained from him. It’s a sad case of what could have been had the world not completely changed on the kid.

Appears In: The Walking Dead

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Poor Arya Stark. Her short life is already marred by great tragedy and in the world of Game Of Thrones we know it’s not the last of it. Arya’s life is committed to one mission and one mission only – revenge. Arya’s going to have to live a solitary and repressed life. She can never love anyone because everyone she’s ever loved ends up dead. Not to mention her feud is with the richest family in her land and it would be impossible to strikes any of them without making hundreds of enemies. She will forever be in a wolf’s den, constantly looking over her shoulders, and blocking out basic human intimacy. Arya also has death at her fingertips in Jaqen H’ghar who will assassinate anyone she asks. Arya is a young harbinger of death.

Even if Arya were to pull off her life’s great mission what happens next? Maybe she becomes a heartless blade for hire like the man who beheaded her father – Sandor “The Hound” Clegane. There are few people to stay “good” in the lands of Westeros and Essos, and they usually end up dead. Arya’s could become a powerful cutthroat who in the wrong hands could really sway who gets in power and who stays in power – a real wild card.

Appears In: Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire

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Plain and simple, Mathilda will never know a normal life. Even if her family wasn’t murdered, it didn’t look like it was a happy life to be brought up in. The only death in the family she cared about was her kid brother. She wouldn’t be a contract killer, but she would have been unhappy and would have carried on the dysfunction to her children – and that’s only if she didn’t run away before it became too much. Mathilda’s a headstrong person who can dive into whatever’s in front of her. She jumped into the idea of being a contract killer pretty quickly.

Mathilda’s life is pretty laid out for her in Leon. She’ll live a lonely life with nothing really to live for. There will just be the job and the money that comes after. Any loving relationship she pursues will just be her searching for a new Leon, but she’ll never find it. She’ll be a ghost. Not being able to leave her mark anywhere and not being able to get to know anyone, and this is for everyone’s safety. Maybe one day she’ll come across an orphaned kid who she can pass her training onto and die for – if she’s lucky enough or if she’s good enough to not lose her life sooner.

Appears In: Léon: The Professional

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Kevin McCallister has got to be rife with mental demons. He’s got to have some serious abandonment issues, and a great resentment for his family who would forget him and abandon him on Christmas... TWICE. Not to mention facing off against two career criminals in a home invasion has got to be traumatizing for anyone at any age. I imagine his only friends growing up would be his assorted therapists and an eclectic group of elderly homeless people with tear-jerking back stories.

Kevin will never want to be forgotten again. Let’s not for get that he’s very smart, very resourceful, and knows how to protect himself by any means necessary. This makes Kevin the perfect candidate for being the leader of a survivalist militia outside of his native Chicago. They may start well as pseudo-vigilantes but then would quickly change their sights on the government that can't seem to keep the Harrys and Marvs of the world locked up behind bars. Kevin McCallister is on the road to becoming the next Ted Kaczynski, albeit a macaroni-and-cheese-eating Ted Kacznski. When the FBI inevitably comes to his doorstep he’ll turn to his fake family, cock his shotgun, and say, “This is it, don’t get scared now.”

Appears In: Home Alone 4, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Home Alone

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