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Which Fictional Cult Would You Join Based On Your Zodiac? 

Oliver Pretl-Drummond
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Each zodiac sign has its own positive and negative attributes, all of which can be leveraged against others so they will bend to your will. Whether it's through fiery brute force, earthen stubbornness, airy wiles, or watery manipulation, every sign has its own methods, and relating to those modalities is how cults get you. While the scope of real cults is often too large to analyze with such sweeping generalizations, fictional cults embody many narrative elements that have astrological significance. 

What fictional cult you are often depends on the more dangerous elements of your sign, and there are actually some similarities between fictional cults and zodiac signs. Cults often prey on your personal motivations to trap you, as does your zodiac sign to help you learn about yourself. What your sign says about you might also be what these fictional cults are looking for when casting new members. The question is, which fictional cult are you?

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Aries tend to act before they think and often find themselves asking for forgiveness rather than permission. Similarly, Project Mayhem exists to cause destruction in the place of pleasure and often works to take down authority via unregulated means. 

Despite their illicit activity, the overall cause of Project Mayhem appears to seek justice for the underprivileged. Their primary objectives are mischief and misinformation, and they channel their competitive, aggressive tendencies into their cause. What's a bit of human sacrifice to make ends meet? Project Mayhem represents Aries at their most unhinged - act fast and don't ask questions. 

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The La Chimeres lure their prey with promises of power, wealth, and fame. Their sole objective is to help bring the unnatural son into the world and complete the second Advent. Taureans are at their best when they are surrounded by earthly delights, and they would be easily attracted by the La Chimeres. 

All a Taurus needs to hear is that the La Chimeres have their own high-rise in Paris, and they would be sold. They also have a tendency to charge head on when challenged, though they are otherwise relaxed and peaceful beings. Similarly, the La Chimeres appear to be an inviting bunch who care for Rosemary Woodhouse, but when she threatens to deny them her unnatural son, they grow increasingly aggressive in their objective. 

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The duplicity of the Summerisle residents is an inherently Gemini trait. The islanders utilize their Mercurial charms to misdirect Neil Howie until he is confused and terrified, not unlike the way Geminis tend to attract people with their wit, but can turn on a head when they become restless or distracted. 

The Summerisle residents, like a Gemini, do not hide their duplicity, but rather charm their prey in spite of their darker tendencies, of which Howie is already aware. 

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Reverend Richard Wayne Gary clings to his comforts so incessantly, he traps four women in a bunker and isolates them so that he can control his own homely desires. Cancers are similar in that they are deeply rooted in their sentimental ties and have a hard time letting go of what they deem to be their own safe space. 

The reverend's Cancer traits are so strong that one of the women, Gretchen Chalker, begins to think of his bunker as her home as well, and when she is saved, she finds herself drawn back to the comforts provided to her by the reverend, regardless of their toxicity. 

What's more is that when the three other girls deny the reverend their affections, he responds as any Cancer might: claiming innocence, isolating himself, and entering a marriage so quietly and secretly that his wife doesn't even know she's been wed.