Interesting Details About Fictional Detectives That We Definitely Missed

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Fans always seem to love a good mystery, and what would a mystery be without a great detective. Detective stories have always driven the narrative in a powerful way and are the crux of any mystery. More than a few fans have managed to spot some truly interesting details surrounding a few of the most well known fictional detectives.

Check out these details about fictional detectives that were spotted by fans, and don't forget to vote!

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    John Is Blinking In Morse Code At Sherlock In 'Sherlock'

    John Is Blinking In Morse Code At Sherlock In 'Sherlock'
    Photo: BBC

    From Redditor u/welshie123:

    In Sherlock, when Sherlock goes to confront Moriarty at the swimming pool and is greeted by John. John is blinking SOS to Sherlock to signal to him that they are in danger. If you pay close attention to John in this scene, you'll notice he's blinking out “S-O-S.” Three blinks (dots), followed by three longer blinks (dashes), and then another three short blinks (dots). Captures soldiers use this technique in terrorist videos, it's their way of calling for help when they aren't allowed to speak. John is a former Army Doctor and would know this.

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    House's Address On 'House' Is A Nod To Another Famous Detective

    From Redditor u/rikitard:

    House in House lives in the apartment 221B, a tribute to Sherlock Holmes, and the famous London address 221B Baker Street.

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    Every Episode Of 'Psych' Has A Running Gag

    From Redditor:

    There is a pineapple either showcased or hidden in every episode of Psych.

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    Hercule Poirot Knows More Than He Lets On In 'Murder On The Orient Express'

    From Redditor u/res30stupid:

    In Murder On The Orient Express, Poirot makes numerous references to a character's past long before it's hinted at - he recognized them but kept quiet to entrap them. At the end of his first interrogation of Mrs. Hubbard, he thanks her for "Playing her part", causing her to pause. When she interrupts another interrogation with the murder weapon, he asks her, "Why have you bring these daggers from the place?", a quote said by Lady MacBeth.

    During the interrogation, Poirot states that he saw Linda Arden play Lady MacBeth five times. And when Princess Dragomiroff reveals she was friends with her, he quoted the daggers line from MacBeth...

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    There Is No Rain On The Seventh Day Of 'Se7en'

    From Redditor u/eDwArDdOoMiNgToN:

    In Se7en, the first six days take place in the city where it is constantly raining yet on the seventh day, the two detectives and John travel upstate where it is no longer raining. This directly paralleled Dante’s Inferno.

    Dante’s Inferno, the first part of his three-part Divine Comedy, a book that John Doe had deliberately read, follows the author Dante and Poet Virgil as they travel through the depths of hell. The Divine Comedy takes place through seven days as the poets journey through the hellscape and on the seventh day, the poets climb up Satan and out of Hell into clear skies as Dante writes, “And we walked out once more beneath the Stars”. This directly parallels the two detectives journeying out of the hellish rainy city into clear skies. The kicker is that Dante has to come face to face with Satan, literally coming to terms with the idea of sin and his personal sins, just like Mills must come face to face with Doe and realize his own sin was wrath.

    Of course the two detectives parallel the two poets but even the nature of the two pairs are exactly the same. Both Somerset and Virgil live within their hellish worlds and are tasked with guiding the young men through the ins and outs of it. Both Somerset and Virgil are somewhat sinful yet virtuous themselves but their apprentices Dante and Mills are far more (Dante is hinted at being corrupt and Mills is wrathful) and must come to terms with this by facing Satan.

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    Magnussen Sends Mary A Message In 'Sherlock'

    Magnussen Sends Mary A Message In 'Sherlock'
    Photo: BBC

    From Redditor u/StratfordAvon:

    In Sherlock (S3:E2), Charles Augustus Magnussen, the Season 3 villain, sends Mary a telegram that Sherlock reads during his speech.