Fictional Emo Boys Who Will Melt Your Dark Heart

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They wear their heart on their sleeve, their parents don't get them, and their very existence is pain. On the plus side - they've got great hair! What is it about fictional emo characters that make us swoon?

Emo - short for "Emotive Hardcore" - grew out of the punk scene in the '80s. Eventually, it developed into the aggressively angsty pop-punk and alternative rock bands of the early '00s, like Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Fallout Boy, and Panic! At The DiscoToday, emo is a subculture that encompasses more than just music. And emo characters - past and present - exist in the darkest corners of TV, film, animation, and video games.

Dreamy emo boys in fiction possess floppy hair you want to run your fingers through, an icy demeanor you think you can shatter, and Hot Topic clothes to accentuate their delicious darkness. But, despite their introversion, they're prone to emotional, teary outbursts - usually about someone they love who failed them. Not exactly ideal boyfriend material, but you can make it work, right? 

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