Fictional Foods You Would Never Want To Eat

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Fictional foods often look very appetizing, so much so that many people spend hours recreating dishes from popular movies and TV shows. On the other side of this coin, however, there is a plethora of unappealing fictional food that few people would ever volunteer to eat. These are foods that should never exist and hopefully will never come to fruition outside of their fictional universes. 

These foods are often included in their respective mediums either for comedic purposes or to establish a dangerous, disgusting, or undesirable environment. As hunger is a universally shared human experience, a setting in which safe or enjoyable food is unavailable communicates the characters' struggles to the audience, thus helping them to empathize. Science fiction settings often make characters feel out of place via vile extraterrestrial eats. In shows full of anthropomorphic animals, viewers often cringe at what the critters call food. Whatever the reason, these are some truly gross fictional foods you would never want to ingest yourself. 

Some of the worst foods from movies, television, and literature are listed below and range from the mysterious blue milk from Star Wars to the cannibalistic soylent green from the film of the same name. Vote on what you think is the most disgusting fictional food out there! 

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  • Soylent Green

    Soylent Green

    56 votes

    From: Soylent Green 

    Infamous since its eponymous film debut in 1973, this green wafer warrants an immediate pass due to its cannibalistic origins.

  • Cartman Burger

    Cartman Burger

    29 votes

    From: South Park 

    The secret to the burgers' taste is Eric Cartman putting the burgers in his underwear prior to serving. 

  • Monkey Brains

    Monkey Brains

    38 votes

    From: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    This entree is meant to be an offering of hospitality for Indy and his friends, but according to Willie Scott, the dish is less than appetizing.

  • Frey Pie

    Frey Pie

    42 votes

    From: Game of Thrones 

    There's a "vengeance is a dish..." joke floating around somewhere in regards to Arya Stark's meat pies, as they contain baked bits of the Stark family's sworn enemies, the Freys. 

  • Breakfast Spaghetti

    Breakfast Spaghetti

    37 votes

    From: Elf

    Buddy the Elf’s questionable breakfast of spaghetti with many sugary, syrupy toppings may turn you off from spaghetti permanently.

  • Cartman's Chili

    Cartman's Chili

    36 votes

    From: South Park 

    In the infamous episode that turned Eric Cartman from an obnoxious kid to an outright pyschopath, he feeds his nemesis Scott Tenorman chili made out of Scott's dead parents.