If You Could Spend The Holidays In Any Fictional Place, Where Would You Go?

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Vote up the places you'd love to sip on hot cocoa for the holidays if only you could travel into worlds that technically don't exist.

What if you could travel to a fictional universe for the holidays? Just imagine that instead of heading home for Christmas of whichever winter festivities you and your family celebrate. Instead of a road trip to your parents' house in Bakersfield, you could be hitting up the Yule Ball at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Instead of going to your own company holiday party, you could be amking awkward small talk with John McClane at Nakatomi Plaza. 

So where would you go if your holiday trip could take you to fictional places? We brought this question up to the nice folks who follow Ranker on Facebook, then we made a list out of their answers. Now anyone can vote. So vote up the spots you'd like to spend a few days and maybe even unwrap a present or two. The only hitch? The places can't exist in real life.

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  • Hogwarts


    64 votes

    Harry Potter

  • Hogsmeade Village

    Hogsmeade Village

    47 votes

    Harry Potter

  • Diagon Alley

    Diagon Alley

    38 votes

    Harry Potter

  • The Burrow

    The Burrow

    33 votes

    Harry Potter

  • The North Pole

    The North Pole

    45 votes

    General Christmas lore

  • Narnia


    44 votes

    The Chronicles Of Narnia