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Every Fictional 'Last Person On Earth' Ranked By How Much You'd Want To Be Stuck With Them

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The world has erupted into chaos, scavengers and corporate overlords have drained all resources, and the population has been reduced to one (well, two). Everything and everyone you held dear have been wiped out (or set on fire, according to several movies), and you and your favorite fictional recluse need to establish some semblance of a life in the new barren wasteland. Do you think you can connect? Would you try rebuilding society? Or would you end up in a territorial battle over an empty cave?

Countless "last person on Earth" movies exist, and they showcase some of the best film characters fighting to procure nourishment and retain their sanity. Whether stealing cars and killing infected humans, living it up in a stolen penthouse at night, or dealing with the existential ramifications of being the only mortal on a dead planet, each person is just trying to handle the apocalypse in their own way.

These films aren't solely about lone human survivors, but instead, show how people deal with a vastly reduced global population.

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    Max Rockatansky From 'Mad Max'

    Where Everyone Went: They were either obliterated by nuclear war, murdered, died of thirst, or moved to the endless desert wasteland to try their luck. 

    What The World Is Like: Society has collapsed; marauding biker gangs rape and pillage, vigilantes take justice into their own hands, and basic services don't exist. 

    How Do They Spend Their Time: When Max isn't losing his mind with grief over the loss of his family, he's killing the aforementioned biker gangs and driving through the desert. Later, he fights a man in a giant dome. 

    Would You Want To Be Stuck With Them: Max doesn't seem like much fun to hang out with, despite being fun to watch. He doesn't talk a lot, and when he does, it tends to concern killing people. 

    Doomsday Chill Rating: You'll ride eternal, shiny, and chill. 

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  • Where Everyone Went: Biological warfare between China and the Soviet Union wiped out a large portion of the world's population. Charlton Heston plays US Army Col. Robert Neville, MD, a man who injects himself with an experimental vaccine - making him immune to the contagion. 

    What The World Is Like: He essentially lives in an empty Los Angeles full of pseudo-vampires and people slowly turning into vampires.

    How Do They Spend Their Time: Neville watches Woodstock in a theater a lot, steals clothing from a mall, lives in a penthouse, and drives whatever cars he wants. 

    Would You Want To Be Stuck With Them: If you're going to be stuck with someone in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a doctor who knows how to kill vampires and work a projector is a lucky break.

    Doomsday Chill Rating: Incredibly chill.

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    Ann Burden From 'Z For Zachariah'

    Where Everyone Went: A nuclear war followed by a series of nerve gas attacks wiped out most of the world's population. 

    What The World Is Like: Completely soaked with radiation. The only safe place is a small farm in a tiny valley with a self-contained weather system.

    How Do They Spend Their Time: Ann Burden alternates between farming, hiding from a man in a radiation suit, nursing the man in the radiation suit back to health, and then hiding in a cave again. 

    Would You Want To Be Stuck With Them: Honestly, Burden seems fine. It's the creepy guy who shows up out of nowhere that makes this an inhospitable situation.

    Doomsday Chill Rating: Deeply unchill, given all the sexual and religious tension on the farmstead.

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    The Mariner From 'Waterworld'

    Where Everyone Went: Everyone either drowned or lives on floating barges, where they watch and take part in extreme stunt shows overseen by maniacs. 

    What The World Is Like: After the polar ice caps melt, the world gets covered in ocean - so learning to swim is imperative. 

    How Do They Spend Their Time: The Mariner drifts along the ocean, trades dirt, and drinks his own (purified) pee. 

    Would You Want To Be Stuck With Them: Depends how much you like hanging out with a guy who drinks his pee. For doomsday preppers, this is a model situation. 

    Doomsday Chill Rating: Less chill, because no more ice caps.