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Every Fictional 'Last Person On Earth' Ranked By How Much You'd Want To Be Stuck With Them

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The world has erupted into chaos, scavengers and corporate overlords have drained all resources, and the population has been reduced to one (well, two). Everything and everyone you held dear have been wiped out (or set on fire, according to several movies), and you and your favorite fictional recluse need to establish some semblance of a life in the new barren wasteland. Do you think you can connect? Would you try rebuilding society? Or would you end up in a territorial battle over an empty cave?

Countless "last person on Earth" movies exist, and they showcase some of the best film characters fighting to procure nourishment and retain their sanity. Whether stealing cars and killing infected humans, living it up in a stolen penthouse at night, or dealing with the existential ramifications of being the only mortal on a dead planet, each person is just trying to handle the apocalypse in their own way.

These films aren't solely about lone human survivors, but instead, show how people deal with a vastly reduced global population.

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    Jim From '28 Days Later'

    Where Everyone Went: They were either ended by people infected with a rage virus, or infected by a rage virus and disposed of other people themselves. 

    What The World Is Like: England (and likely the rest of the world) is a horrible place where soldiers murder men that don't work with them and force women into sex servitude.

    How Do They Spend Their Time: Driving through the countryside, gorging on sugary snacks, and avoiding raging monsters. 

    Would You Want To Be Stuck With Them: Jim seems nice enough, and he's adept at traversing the zombie-filled wasteland. But you'd have to deal with the rest of the world, and that's not great. 

    Doomsday Chill Rating: No chill, just rage.

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    Dr. Robert Morgan From 'The Last Man On Earth'

    Where Everyone Went: Everyone except Robert Morgan has been infected with a super virus, turning them into vampires. 

    What The World Is Like: Essentially the same world in which we live, except no one is around during the day, and anybody you run into tries to kill you. 

    How Do They Spend Their Time: Morgan spends his days traipsing around the city, shoving stakes into the hearts of the infected, and trying to create a serum that cures vampirism. 

    Would You Want To Be Stuck With Them: That depends, do you want to ride around the city with Vincent Price killing vampires? What about that doesn't sound enjoyable?

    Doomsday Chill Rating: His chill comes at a price.

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    Where Everyone Went: Most of the world's population died from a super virus that spread across the globe at some point before 2020. 

    What The World Is Like: Pretty much the same as right now, just with fewer people. 

    How Do They Spend Their Time: Phil Miller spends his days drinking, pulling minor shenanigans, trying to find more survivors, and attempting to repopulate the Earth after he discovers other people. 

    Would You Want To Be Stuck With Them: Phil is annoying, but his sense of mischief is strong. Plus, the rest of the world is pretty cool, so it might be worth sticking with him if you get to karate chop priceless heirlooms in the White House. 

    Doomsday Chill Factor: The most chill on Earth.

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    Where Everyone Went: In Hulk: The End, everyone on Earth except Bruce Banner/The Hulk died in a nuclear war. 

    What The World Is Like: A barren wasteland filled with mutated cockroaches and smoldering rubble - so not unlike New York City in the '70s. 

    How Do They Spend Their Time: Banner alternates between attempts to end it all and recording his feelings, Big Brother style, for an alien robot that hovers ten feet away from him at all times. Whenever Banner tries to off himself, though, he turns into the Hulk and starts smashing. 

    Would You Want To Be Stuck With Them: Bruce Banner is sullen and distant, and the Hulk is at his angriest in this story, so it's more or less the most terrifying version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde imaginable.  

    Doomsday Chill Factor: You won't like him when he's chill.

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