Fictional Lawyers You'd Most Want Defending You

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Successful fictional lawyers from film, TV, and literature.

A list of fictional lawyers you’d most want defending you. Do you know of a movie with a great lawyer in it? Do you wish some of the fictional lawyers were real so that you could have a great lawyer to defend your case? The fictional lawyers on this list are ranked in order of the most popular fictional lawyer to the least popular. If you don’t agree with the ranking, vote up the attorney you'd want on your side to see him or her rise in the rankings.

If you have a really special fictional lawyer that you would love to have defending you, but you don’t see him or her on the list, add them below. Lawyers don’t have the best reputation, and often, it can be discouraging to watch movies where the lawyers confirm the punchlines for all those lawyer jokes.

However, some fictional attorneys instill confidence and enthusiasm in the readers or viewers. Perry Mason, for instance, was a great lawyer who hardly ever lost a case. He also cared about his clients more than he cared about the money. Wouldn't it be wonderful if fictional lawyers like this existed in the real world?
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