The Fictional Leaders You'd Most Like to Behead

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Truly horrible royalty, rulers, and power-holders from TV, film, and literature who deserve to be beheaded

A list of fictional leaders who you’d most like to behead. Do you know of some fictional kings, queens, princes, or politicians that you really dislike? Are they all named Joffrey? Could you envision a horrible fate for these terrible kings? Browse through this list of fictional kings that you would most like to behead. These kings are ranked by the community from most want to behead, to not too horrible. If you don’t agree with the ranking, go ahead and vote up the kings you think should be beheaded. 

If you don’t see a particularly horrible king on the list, add him to the list below. Some kings are strong leaders and really help their people and country, while other kings are so evil and horrible that they don’t need to be leading a country. These kings are the ones that people would most like to see beheaded.
Most divisive: Skeletor
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