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All The Creepiest Fictional Representations Of Lilith

Before Adam and Eve, there was... Lilith? With roots in various religious traditions, Lilith is many things to different people, but most generally agree she is the first wife of Adam. Lilith and Adam's marriage didn't work out, however, and she either left or was kicked out of the Garden of Eden. For most of recorded history, Lilith was viewed as a seductress and slayer, but in more recent years, she has been rehabilitated into a feminist icon, even becoming the namesake of the all-women Lilith Fair concert tour. 

Over time, Lilith has made her way into popular culture, showing up in books, songs, movies, comics, video games, and even an opera. For most of her history, she's been considered a demon, so many of the fictional accounts of Lilith are pretty creepy.

  • Marvel Comics Portrays Lilith As The Mother Of All Demons And Daughter Of Dracula

    The Marvel Comics universe features two characters named Lilith, neither of whom have made it to the big screen yet. The first Lilith appeared in Giant-Size Chillers #1, all the way back in 1974. She is the daughter of Dracula, marking one of many conflations between the mythical Lilith and vampires in popular culture.

    Probably more familiar to contemporary comics readers - and closer to the original legends of Lilith - is the Marvel character sometimes known as Lilith, Mother of Demons. She originally appeared in Ghost Rider #28 in 1992 and played a significant role in the crossover "Rise of the Midnight Sons" storyline, which started that same year. Her exact origins remain unknown, though she may have been the wife of Lucifer, and she tempted Adam in the Garden of Eden before being held inside the remains of a dragon-like creature by Atlantean mages. 

    Her children are called Lilin, and include a number of recurring supernatural characters in Marvel comics.

  • 'Supernatural' Depicts Her As A White-Eyed Demon

    In the hit CW show Supernatural, Lilith is a demon created by the devil. According to the show's internal mythology, Lucifer was an archangel who refused God's demand that angels serve humans, so he got kicked out of heaven. Once on his own, Lucifer transformed the soul of one of the earliest humans to make the first demon. That was Lilith.

    Lilith debuts in the show's second season and is the main antagonist throughout Seasons 3 and 4. One of the "white-eyed demons," she's among the most powerful beings around. Several different actors portray Lilith during the show as she jumps from host to host, and all of them are creepy and powerful.

  • She Was The Main Foe In 'Shadowhunters' Season Three

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    Based on the book series The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, this supernatural Freeform television series featured Lilith as its main villain for the third season story arc, which involves the fabled demon building an army to avenge the death of her son, the season 2 villain Jonathan Morgenstern. 

  • A Teacher Is Revealed As Lilith In 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' 

    Photo: Netflix

    The first season of the hit Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in 2018 ends with a surprise revelation. Sabrina's high school teacher Mrs. Wardwell, played by Michelle Gomez, is actually Lilith, a frequent antagonist in the Archie horror comics upon which the series is based.

    This version of Lilith was also Adam's first wife in the Garden of Eden, and now serves in Satan's army, a role she hopes to prepare Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) to take on eventually.