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Major Characters In Historical Movies Who Never Actually Existed

22 Jun 2020 1.0k votes 278 voters 12.8k views12 items

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When it comes to movies, adding "Based on a true story" gives the filmmakers leeway to make up whatever they want. And just like so-called historical movies often reinterpret (or misrepresent) actual events, they'll also invent entire characters. This is done for a number of different reasons. Often, these fictional characters are composites of many different people. Combining several individuals into one can be a way to tell a story more efficiently. Other times, especially with stories set centuries or millennia before the present, there might not be many details about a person's life in the historical record, so the filmmakers have to invent them. And occasionally, a character in a historical movie might be created for the same reason as a character in any other movie - to make the story better, truth be damned. 

Here are some characters from historical movies who didn't actually exist, along with the reasons why filmmakers created them.

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