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Because we can’t all be the Regina George of the group, do you ever wonder which fictional mean girl you are? Well, now you can find out exactly which fictional mean girl you are based on your zodiac sign, like you have ESPN or something.

Mean girl characters tend to be resourceful, charming, decisive, and ambitious. Plus, their “meanness” usually stems from insecurity, abandonment issues, or other emotional frustrations. It's called being layered. Mean girl characters may not be in the running for a Noble Peace Prize, but they are almost always the most interesting characters on the screen. 

Just like how your zodiac sign may tell you how needy you are or which teen movie you should watch this weekend, it can also tell you if you’re more of a Blair Waldorf or Cheryl Blossom.

Aries (March 21 - April 19): Chanel Oberlin From 'Scream Queens'

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Aries is Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens. Like the fiery Aries, Chanel has a flair for the dramatic and leans towards the aggressive side. She's short-tempered and impulsive, leading to some rather half-baked plans involving blood oaths and death bodies in freezers.

While Chanel may have a few flaws as a leader, she's determined, honest, and mostly optimistic. Like the Aries, Chanel had some big ambitions for after college, as she dreamed of being a news anchor. And guess what? Chanel made it happen.

If any zodiac sign would be able to handle their sh*t as the mean girl in charge while a masked murderer killed people and never lose sight of their long-term dreams, it's the Aries. And yeah, maybe Chanel and the Aries kind of enjoy when people are terrified of them. What of it?

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Photo:  One Tree Hill/Warner Bros. Television

The Taurus is One Tree Hill’s Brooke Davis. Like the Taurus, Brooke’s mean girl tendencies come from a place of love. Brooke almost only lashes out when she feels she or someone she loves has been hurt or wronged.

Much like the Taurus, Brooke loves her loved ones hard, which results in her being possessive, obsessive, and manipulative. When it comes to both Brooke Davis and the Taurus, it’s actually their great, big heart that turns them into a mean girl. But hey, they can’t help it if that’s how their love comes out!

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The Gemini is The O.C.’s Summer Roberts. Like the curious Gemini, Summer isn't really a mean girl. Or maybe she is. Honestly, most fans are still debating this point. In the beginning of the series, Summer is definitely a mean girl with the catchphrase, “Ew.”

Throughout the series, Summer flip-flops between being an elitist, snobbish, shallow mean girl and being a humanitarian and an environmentalist. This fickle nature is similar to the Gemini, whose curiosity and intellectual hunger can send them the ping-ponging between different ideas, movements, and personalities.

The Gemini would be like Summer Roberts, the mean girl who was maybe not a mean girl, but also maybe totally a mean girl. Can the Gemini and Summer just make up their damn minds already?

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The Cancer is The Craft’s Nancy Downs. Like the Cancer, Nancy is an imaginative and intuitive character. She is a teenage witch, after all - that obviously takes some solid imagination and intuition.

Then, Nancy grows jealous of the new girl, who is a stronger witch than her. (You know, normal teen problems.) This jealousy turns Nancy into a mean girl who is also a witch, so that’s maybe the meanest, baddest mean girl. The Cancer is also often driven by their jealousy and insecurity. They are moody and can easily turn pessimistic.

Also, if a Cancer did have magic powers, one could almost guarantee they’d use them for a tiny bit of evil. The Cancer seems like a softie, but they have some edge.

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