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Fictional Pirates

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List of fictional pirates, who sailed the seven seas exclusively in our imagination. In popular culture, the romantic image of the pirate - a lone marauder of the seas, living by his own code, narrowly overcoming dangerous and even supernatural obstacles to save the day - has overtaken reality. In truth, piracy was, and remains, a brutal and unforgiving practice, and not at all an appropriate setting for fanciful tales of adventure.

Nonetheless, it's the "Jack Sparrow" fantasy image of the pirate that remains a cultural touchstone. This list contains the most popular and beloved fictional pirates from books, games, films and television, along with the work that introduced them. Though Johnny Depp's Captain Jack from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films (and ride) remains the modern day's most famous and popular pirate, variations on the character have been consistently popular for the past few centuries, giving rise to dozens if not hundreds of entertaining pirate legends and lore.
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