The Greatest Fictional Rappers

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A list of fictional rappers and hip-hop figures taken from popular films, video games and television shows. Now that rap has become such an integral part of mainstream culture, it's only natural that a number of TV shows, movies, books, games and other media would turn "the rapper" into a popular archetype. Most media - particularly if meant to be comical or satirical - depict rappers according to a few basic holdover stereotypes, largely popularized in the 1990s. The so-called "gangsta rapper" character would be threatening, arrogant and ostentatious, constantly showing off 'bling' or in other ways preening for the camera. Other shows or films have taken to parodying one individual rapper specifically, as with "The Cleveland Show's" introduction of student "Kenny West" (voiced by Kanye West himself) or the trio NWH in the film "Fear of the Black Hat" (all based on members of the influential hip hop crew NWA.)

Still, a few more serious, thoughtful takes on the world and life of a rapper have been presented over the years. Terence Howard won international acclaim for his portrayal of struggling MC DJay in "Hustle and Flow" (alongside real rapper Ludacris as DJay's foil, Skinny Black.) Real rapper Eminem even won an Oscar for his contributions to "8 Mile," a film about a fictional rapper named B-Rabbit based on Em's own backstory. 

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Most divisive: DJay
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  • B-Rabbit
    294 votes
    8 Mile
    Portrayed by Eminem. From "8 Mile."
  • Ali G
    267 votes
    Da Ali G Show
    Portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen. From "Da Ali G Show."
  • Thugnificent
    220 votes


    The Boondocks
    From "The Boondocks."
  • Gangstalicious
    170 votes


    The Boondocks
    From "The Boondocks."
  • J-Roc
    171 votes


    Trailer Park Boys
    Portrayed by Jonathan Torrens on the Canadian mockumentary "Trailer Park Boys"
  • Peter Griffin
    183 votes
    Family Guy, Family Guy Universe