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Other Fictional Reality Game Show Ideas  

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In a world of great reality TV shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and the Amazing Race, there are plenty of reality show ideas that would be perfect for the fans to see. Here are a list of a few game show ideas with the premises of the show. 

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The American Conqueror is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Fictional Reality Game Show Ideas
The American Conqueror

16 contestants will get to compete in a variety of challenges while traveling across all fifty-states of America on a bus. They will compete in challenges as teams where the captain of the winning team gets immunity and the captain of the losing team will head to elimination round where they will wait for another contestant joins them. The two of them compete and the winner stays on the bus to resume the journey while the loser goes home. This will continue until two members will reach the fiftieth state where the audience will vote for the winner. Whoever wins will receive $1 million.

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How To Solve A Case is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Fictional Reality Game Show Ideas
How To Solve A Case

Each week, three aspired detectives will work on a case where they must solve the mystery. They will use witnesses' testimonies as well as the clues given to them for help. There are a couple of scenarios where a clue will be one of two options and they must choose which one is correct. The wrong clue will lead them to the wrong information. Whoever solves the mystery correst first wins and will advance to the second round of competition. This will continue until the season finale where somebody will win $500,000

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So You Wanna Be An Athlete? is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Fictional Reality Game Show Ideas
So You Wanna Be An Athlete?

Contestants who are not the biggest sports fans' will try to compete in a variety of sporting events. The objective is to make the best impression on the coaching staff of the sport to where they can compete at the highest level. After a series of mini-challenges, each contestant will get an opportunity for the team in the sport. The person who performs the best at the tryout will receive a reward for their favorite sports athlete or team.

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Who Dreams of Being a Monster? is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Fictional Reality Game Show Ideas
Who Dreams of Being a Monster?

Ten contestants who are horror fans will compete in challenges that will see if they can handle being a horror character. Each week, a few good monsters will get called out for weaknesses that they performed during the challenge and only one will be eliminated. The winner will have a cameo appearance in an upcoming horror flick.

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Who Am I Really? is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list Fictional Reality Game Show Ideas
Who Am I Really?

Contestants will wake up one day realizing that they are a different personality. They will have at least three days to try and put the pieces together as to who is the person they are supposed to be. Each contestant is allowed to use help from an acquiantance, who will tell them everything about their person except their name. They must then find the person and ask if that person is who they are. The person who gets this right in the final evaluation will win a reward with the person they had to find. 

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Mini Golf is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list Fictional Reality Game Show Ideas

Contestants will compete in a round of miniature gold. They will however have to deal with distractions ranging from loudness to dancing people, and the occassional animal that comes out. They'll play this like a regular game where the person with the lowest score wins the match. 

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Escape From the Storage Unit is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list Fictional Reality Game Show Ideas
Escape From the Storage Unit

Each contestant will be trapped inside a storage unit where they must figure out a way to get out. They will use clues around each room to determine how to escape. But they will have approximately one hour to escape. The players that do escape will be rewarded with cash while the first person will receive a $10,000 bonus. 

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Can You Repeat History? is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list Fictional Reality Game Show Ideas
Can You Repeat History?

Six contestants are tasked with trying to recreate history without the use of textbooks and references. Each performance will be judged on points based on how close they get to achieving a historical repeat. The lowest score for each challenge will eliminate that contestant. The person who wins is the one who completes the final task the best. They'll win scholarship money to whatever college they want. 

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The Biggest Celebrity Fan is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list Fictional Reality Game Show Ideas
The Biggest Celebrity Fan

Each week, a contestant must answer questions about their favorite celebrity with that celebrity present. They will eceive a reward based on how many of the ten questionsthey answer. 2-3 right answers gets nothing. 5-7 will get a t-shirt of the celebrity. 8-9 will get an autograph picture of the celebrity. A perfect 10 gets to spend the day with the celebrity. 

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Surviving School of Hell is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list Fictional Reality Game Show Ideas
Surviving School of Hell

Each week, students ranging from elementary to high school will try and survive the most brutal high school where the teachers are mean, the homework is bad, and the lunches are ugly. They will have one week to attend this school and if they can't handle all of this, they can opt to drop out and be eliminated. The winner or winners are the one's who survive all eight periods and after-school programs for one five-fay period.