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Onscreen Relatives Who Look the Least Alike

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Movies and TV shows would be nothing without the actors who inhabit our favorite characters - but sometimes Hollywood tries to trick us, casting related people who don't look alike at all. Movies sisters and movie brothers often have next to zero familial resemblance, making the film slightly less believable.

Finding the right person for the right role is never an immediate decision; it’s a process that takes a great deal of time, and is undertaking by highly trained casting directors who have spent a career developing an eye for this sort of thing. Casting director generally try their best but sometimes their best efforts fall short, and we are left with characters that simply don’t look like they are related at all.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s movie Sisters, while hilarious, continues the practice of hiring actors who don’t look alike to portray siblings. But this isn't the only time Hollywood actors and actresses from both film and television who have been cast as brothers, sisters, fathers, or mothers, despite the fact that they don’t really resemble each other. Far from it. Vote up the movies siblings below that you think are the most jarring and distracting from their films on the whole.
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    Danny DeVito And Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Photo: Twins / Universal Pictures

    Movie: Twins
    Relationship: Twin brothers

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    Will Ferrell And Adam Scott

    Movie: Step Brothers
    Relationship: Brothers

    Is there no resemblance?
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    Jessica Alba And Chris Evans

    Photo: Fantastic Four / 20th Century Fox

    Movie: Fantastic Four
    Relationship: Siblings

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    Laura Linney And Mark Ruffalo

    Photo: You Can Count On Me / Paramount Classics

    Movie: You Can Count on Me
    Relationship: Siblings

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