The Best Fictional '90s Songs

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Songs must have originated from a fictional work, performed by fictional characters - no songs from musicals, theme songs, or parodies.

This list of fictional songs from the 1990s compiles your favorite songs from '90s TV shows and '90s movies. Fictional songs like “Just You” from Twin Peaks and “Beserker” from Clerks. are so memorable and engrained in fans' recollections of these films and television series that they're undisputed classics. Your nineties nostalgia will peak as you peruse these rankings of 1990s fake songs from fake bands in great shows and films.

Remember “Baby on Board” by The Be Sharps from The Simpsons? Or how about faux-band The Lone Rangers’s smash hit “Degenerated” from the 1994 movie Airheads? Speaking of fictional bands in films, the movie That Thing You Do! became such a hit as a result of the make-believe Wonders’s catchy tune.

You can thank Phoebe from Friends for delivering such hits as “Smelly Cat,” which Kudrow even performed decades later with Taylor Swift. Millennials like T-Swift will recall these '90s childhood classics like Doug and Ren and Stimpy with fondness and glee. Nickelodeon’s Doug is a great example of a '90s show with an epic fictional song in “Killer Tofu.” Speaking of nineties sitcoms, Jesse and the Rippers were one of the most popular fictional bands from the 1990s, as their Full House hit “Forever” made for a poignant wedding episode.

Which of these songs from '90s shows and movies do you think are the best? Vote them up below and add any other awesome 1990s songs "written" by fictional bands and musicians that you love, if they aren't already on the list.

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