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The Best Fictional Spies

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Hollywood loves a spy movie, and always has. Throughout TV and movie history there have been plenty of good spy movies and the fictional spies leading the espionage and intrigue are easily some of the most memorable characters in all of film and TV. So who's the best spy character to ever grace the big screen or go undercover on your television? It's time to vote!

These days there's a whole new type of spy action comedy, with spy films like Kingsman: The Secret Service and Paul Feig's Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy. Then there are the classic spy movies and TV shows, many of which are still popular spy franchises today. You've got Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (the 2015 installment starring, as usual, Tom Cruise), a reinterpretation of the classic TV series The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and new James Bond films seemingly every year. In modern entertainment, spies are bigger, cooler, and better than ever!

Fictional spies have been all the rage for decades and with technology catching up, and in many cases surpassing, the super spy tech of old, they're only getting more awesome! Plus, we live in a world where spies are more and more relevant to real life - if not of the Jason Bourne variety, then certainly of the Edward Snowden variety.

So let's take a look at all of the best movie and TV spy characters from over the years and today. Who do YOU think is the very best fictional spy? Vote up the best and most kickass spy characters below and add any of your favorite fictional spies that aren't already listed.
  • Whether he's a rough around the edges badass like Daniel Craig. A smooth talking, wise cracking, super spy like Pierce Bronson. Or something in between that just oozes cool, calm, and collected like Sean Connery, there's something undeniably awesome about 007 Bond, James Bond. 
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  • Jason Bourne
    Photo: The Bourne Identity / Universal Pictures
    The spy who changed the genre. Have you noticed how much Daniel Craig's James Bond is influenced by Jason Bourne? We certainly have. Jason Bourne is brilliant, capable, tough, and gets the job done every time.
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  • As played by Tom Cruise in all of the Mission Impossible films. Ethan Hunt is a tactical genius who doesn't believe in an impossible situation.
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    Harry Hart

    As played by Colin Firth in Kingsman: The Secret Service. He's a veteran agent that goes by call name: Galahad (each of the agents has a name reflecting a knight of king Arthurs court.) He is tasked with bringing in a new recruit and initiates Eggsy, the son of his fallen comrade, into the Kingsman.
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