Fictional Technologies You Most Wish Existed

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Part of what makes an imagined futuristic world believable is the presence and integration of impressive, speculative technology used in functional, everyday ways. Some series, such as Star Wars, became wildly popular in part because of the technological visions that made their worlds feel so rich and believable. There is much fictional technology that should be real throughout the world of science fiction and fantasy. Even realities filled with dystopian tech harbor the occasional hopeful scientific innovation. 

Part of the fun of these devices is that they are so far removed from our reality. Hoverboards and memory scanners would look a lot less impressive onscreen if we already used them in our everyday lives. While scientific progress gradually marches on, producers of real world technology can't keep up with the wild imaginations of Hollywood visionaries. However, tech that doesn't exist can even be inspiring for real world inventors and scientists. While lots of technology only exists in science fiction at the moment, who knows what the future could hold? In a few decades, these devices might be very real. 

Below is a list of the most enviable gadgets from movies and TV that you wish you could have in your own home. Vote up the best fictional technologies below. 

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    From: Star Trek 

    Basically an extremely advanced VR Headset, the Holodeck would let you live out any fantasy you wanted in a highly realistic setting. 

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    From: Star Trek 

    Who wouldn't want a device that can transport you from one location to the other basically instantaneously? 

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    Arc Reactors

    From: Iron Man 

    Powering both Stark Tower and the Iron Man suit, these tiny power cores could easily eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and cut back on global warming. 

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    From: Iron Man 

    This AI personal assistant, created by Iron Man himself, helps solve problems in a calm, understanding manner, as he can read and respond to the user’s thoughts and emotions.

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    From: Various (Star Wars, Jem and the Holograms, The Jetsons, Batman, etc.,)

    Holograms have been used in many films and TV shows, but one of their most famous appearances was in the first Star Wars film. With this technology, people can send prerecorded hologram messages or talk in real time, much like a Skype call. 

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    From: Back to the Future 

    While we have something similar today, our wheeled contraptions can’t compare to the original hoverboard from Back to the Future.

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