The Greatest Fictional Presidents On TV

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From cartoonish buffons to platonic ideals of the presidency, fictional TV presidents are a staple of any show set in anything like the modern era. Maybe they're just the president on Earth-1 in the Arrowverse or one of Jack Bauer's eight presidents who graced 24, but they still influence the world of our favorite shows.

Martin Sheen on The West Wing, as Josiah Bartlet, might be one of the most beloved fictional TV presidents. As the lead on his series, audiences got to see endearing and humanizing moments such as calling the Butterball hotline. But just being a lead on your show doesn't make you a good president, as House of Cards proved with Frank Underwood. When they're not the lead, television presidents make for great celebrity cameo opportunities (including Weird Al Yankovic as the blatantly named President Stuntcastin on The Aquabats! Super Show!).

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