What Nerdy Fictional Villain Would You Be Based On Your Zodiac?

Your horoscope is a beautiful and powerful thing, but it also has a dark side. While you can use the zodiac to figure out who your ideal romantic partner might be or which '90s hit will get you going on a Friday night, you might also determine which fictional villain you have the most in common with. The best way to analyze fictional villains based on zodiac signs is by understanding their power, their motive, and how they fit in with the heroes of their world.

Similarly to how you can tell which video game villain you are based on your zodiac sign, this look at movie villains and TV villains through the eyes of your horoscope will let you know whether you’re the kind of baddie that would try to enslave the world, demolish the world, or forget about the world in general and just start confronting people with dark magic.

If you’re tied into nerd culture at all, then you’ll immediately recognize almost every villain here, and you likely have an opinion about their plans for world domination. You might even find that you agree with the "evil" mastermind enough to consider them a genuinely good villain


  • Darth Vader can and often goes from zero to Force-choking Imperial generals in seconds. Just like an Aries, he is headstrong and opinionated, which is only problematic when he takes to slaying his crew because someone disagreed with him. With Vader, it's not a question of "if" but "when" he's going to unleash his wrath, and there's no getting around the fact that he often seems to be looking for an excuse to show off his control of the Force. 

    Aries, too, can be combative when they feel hurt, betrayed, or otherwise upset. Though they love a good challenge and are often stubborn enough to see things through to the end, Aries can occasionally be blind to the will of those around them and are quick to take out their frustrations on the nearest background character. 

  • A Tauruses greatest enemy is change. Though they are excellent problem solvers and great to have around in a crisis, the idea of transition can send them spiraling. There is no villain more understanding of this fear than Lex Luthor.

    When Superman's presence on Earth is revealed, Luthor's world is shaken. Though Superman's motives are clearly for the good of Metropolis, Luthor doesn't see it that way and takes it upon himself to "save" his city - and even his planet - from the possible negative implications of the extraterrestrial power. 

  • As many times as he's helped his brother save the galaxy, Loki's status as a Marvel villain is questionable. He does, however, try to conquer Earth, end Agent Phil Coulson, and trick his brother into believing false promises more times than we can count. He's the ultimate anti-hero, and also the ultimate Gemini.

    Even when he's using his powers to make all of Asgard think he's actually Odin, Loki can't help but drop the ruse the moment he's caught. Loki, like a Gemini, is two-sided. He is charming in his villainy, but also honest when it counts, and can switch from bad guy to hero at the drop of a hat. 

  • Dracula is such an emotional vampire, just like Cancers. He pretends like he's making decisions for the benefit of those he loves, Mina Harker for example, but he's really just trying to carry out some bizarre plan where he gets to be happy despite the fact that his happiness is actually going to hurt those around him. 

    Dracula, like Cancers, lacks patience and therefore has a tendency to make selfish decisions. Though most Cancers are often sentimental about their friendships, they can also fall into self-pity given the right circumstances. These traits are not inherently harmful, but they become especially questionable when applied to a creature of the night. 

  • Though there are a few signs that share traits with He Who Shall Not Be Named, like the students at Hogwarts, the Dark Lord can only belong to one house. He is boisterous, powerful, difficult to ignore, and ignorant to the perils of reality, just like a Leo on a bad day. 

    Once he gets his body back in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the wizarding world's ultimate bad guy struts his stuff like he's royalty - which, if power and control are all you need to be in command, he really is the ruler of the wizards - until Harry Potter inevitably takes him down. 

  • The only thing that can bring down Hans Gruber is the thing he didn't plan for, John McClane. Gruber is the ultimate Virgo. He hems and haws over a plan until it's perfect, and then he plans the fallout just in case. Structure and logic are what drive this villain, and they're also what make him precarious. 

    Gruber's meticulous attention to detail is what allows him to almost escape from Nakatomi Plaza with $640 million in bearer bonds, and is also an identifying trait for Virgos who have a tendency to be analytical when it comes to matters of emotion, skill, and practicum.