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Wardrobe Secrets From Behind The Scenes Of 'The Fifth Element'

Updated 31 Jul 2020 29.3k views14 items

Luc Besson's sci-fi gem The Fifth Element debuted at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival. Imbuing the movie with highly specific splashes of color and theatricality, The Fifth Element costumes have been hailed ever since. The $80 million deep-space thriller stars Bruce Willis, and follows a race to save the universe that hinges on a perfect specimen known as the Fifth Element, played by then 19-year-old Milla Jovovich. The cosmic realms dreamed up in Besson's imagination could only be brought to the screen with the help of a talented melange of style experts.

It's no surprise Besson partnered with French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier to make his Fifth Element wardrobe design dreams come true. "I wanted the best and that is Jean-Paul,” Besson told an interviewer after the film's release. ”He knows the color, he knows the flavor of New York," where the movie is set. Gaultier's motto of "equality, diversity, perversity" when it comes to fashion design is set against the kaleidoscopic landscapes that make The Fifth Element stand out from other genre films.

This list pulls together the behind-the-scenes details that made the movie such a stylistic success.

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