20 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Fight Club

We're about to break the first two rules of Fight Club. Fight Club was one of those late '90s movies that was advertised horrendously but turned out to be one of the best movies of all time. The film is about anti-consumerism and not listening to what corporations would have you buy so maybe it's fitting that it bombed in theaters and then found an enormous cult following on DVD and video. Fight Club, based on the book of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk is a cinema classic, and famous for many great quotes, the great Fight Club cast, and of course, that big twist. You can find more movies in this vein with our list of shows and movies like Fight Club.

It made a (more credible) star out of Brad Pitt, it made Edward Norton a household name, and it cemented David Fincher as a directing god. This movie is one of the most important films of all time. Sure it's become a cliche and thousands of college kids (not seeing the irony)  buy every piece of merchandise and poster they can get their hands on, rattling off Fight Club quotes to death, but the film earned its place in Hollywood movie history.

The attention to detail and sheer cinematic know-how that went into this film would take entire books to cover, but here's a start. These are the amazing, interesting, behind the scenes facts you might not have known about Fight Club.

What's that? You don't even know the first rule of Fight Club? If you haven't seen this great film yet do yourself a favor, stop whatever it is you're doing and watch this movie. You'll thank us.


  • 1

    The Studio Hated Durden's Rubber Glove

    When Tyler catches The Narrator listening at the door as he has sex with Marla, he is wearing a rubber glove. This was Brad Pitt's idea, and it caused a great deal of controversy with Laura Ziskin, President of Production at Fox 2000 Pictures. She was horrified when she saw the scene and demanded that it be removed. However at a subsequent test screening, the appearance of the glove got the biggest laugh of the whole movie, prompting Ziskin to change her mind.

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    There Are Tons of Hints at the Twist, if You're Paying Attention

    There are dozens of examples of Tyler and The Narrator being shown to us as the same person including:

    - The Narrator wanders the house while Tyler and Marla noisily have sex upstairs. When the detective calls and The Narrator answers the phone, the sounds of the lovemaking instantly stop.
    - When Tyler and The Narrator are on the bus, the long-haired guy pushes past Tyler without a word, then says "excuse me" as he pushes past The Narrator.
    - When Tyler and The Narrator hit the first car with baseball bats, Tyler hits first, but the alarm is triggered only after The Narrator hits.

  • 3

    The Makeup Artists Did Bonham Carter's Makeup with Their Left Hands

    During the shooting of the film, Helena Bonham Carter insisted that her makeup artist apply all of her eye makeup with her left hand, because Bonham Carter felt that Marla was not a person who would be particularly skilled at (or concerned with) correctly applying makeup.

  • 4

    Norton Lost About 20 Pounds for the Role

    Edward Norton lost 17-20 pounds for this role after having to beef up tremendously for his role as a neo-Nazi skinhead in American History X. Norton achieved this form by running, taking vitamins and ignoring the on-set catering.

  • 5

    The Narrator Was Calling Himself

    When The Narrator is calling Tyler Durden on the pay phone and turning over the Paper St. business card in his hand, there is a phone number written on the back of it (555-0178). This was The Narrator's home phone number when he still lived at the Pearson Towers condo.

    He was calling himself, in all senses of the word. 

    It also says no incoming calls allowed, showing how delusional the whole debacle was.

  • 6

    The Narrator Reacts when Durden Gets Punched

    When Lou sees the Fight Club members in the basement of his restaurant, he punches Tyler in the stomach. When Tyler gets punched, you can see The Narrator double over slightly as if he too was punched in the stomach. A few shots later, Lou kicks Tyler in the face while he is kneeling, and in the background we see The Narrator's head go back at the moment of impact.