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'Fight Club' Fan Theories That Just Might Be True

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David Fincher’s Fight Club initially flopped at the box office in 1999, but it has since become a cult classic and one of the biggest sensations in film history. Fincher filled the screen with countless nods and winks that Fight Club fanatics have gathered in the years since the film's release. While most viewers remember the seemingly out-of-nowhere plot twist, ardent admirers of the film take their devotion to a deeper level.

There’s plenty to deconstruct when analyzing a pop-culture sensation like Fight Club, which was adapted from Chuck Palahniuk's novel of the same name. The rules are simple: read about these Fight Club fan theories, then decide which fan theories are way too out there and which ones actually make perfect sense. Be sure to vote up your favorites, and check out more shows and movies like Fight Club when you're done!

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    Raymond K. Hessel Isn't Real

    The Fight Club scene in which Durden threatens convenience store worker Raymond K. Hessel to pursue his dream of becoming a veterinarian is incredibly powerful. Perhaps more powerful, however, is a theory from Fight Club-centered website Jack Durden, which contends that Hessel doesn't actually exist and is nothing more than another one of the Narrator's split personalities. 

    The theory is rooted in Durden's need to control everyone and everything - he reads Hessel's personal information from his wallet then describes the location and condition of his apartment. While this is ultimately a show of control, Durden's unprecedented knowledge of Hessel's life hints that Hessel is merely a less-developed splinter of the Narrator's split personality.

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    Tyler Durden Is The Antichrist

    Redditor /u/MasterLawlz posits that Tyler Durden is really the Antichrist, and he uses Project Mayhem to jumpstart Armageddon. This would contradict the film's closing reveal that Durden is a figment of the Narrator's imagination. 

    The Redditor uses Revelation 13:11-17, which describes aspects of the Antichrist, to prove their argument. Both Durden and the Antichrist exercise authority over their followers, manipulate those followers into submission, and claim to have survived harrowing encounters. Revelation also states that those who rebel against the Antichrist will be slain, much like the Narrator implies Marla will perish if she rebels against Project Mayhem.

    Lastly, Revelation mentions that the Antichrist will mark his followers on their right hand, much like Durden burns the Narrator and others in the same location.

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    The Narrator Is Davey Osborne From 'Cloak & Dagger'

    Cracked proposes that Fight Club's Narrator is Davey Osborne from the 1984 spy movie Cloak & Dagger, which they believe is a prequel to Fight Club. In the film, 11-year-old Davey copes with his military father's absence by playing video games, ultimately creating a fantasy world with a father figure named Jack Flack.

    Eventually, however, Flack is revealed to be incredibly bloodthirsty, as demonstrated when he instructs Davey to run between two of their armed opponents so they will accidentally fire upon one another. Similarly, the Narrator mentions his absent father, and Durden, the figure he creates to cope, is aggressive and always ready for conflict.

    The theory draws further comparisons between the duos, claiming that both Flack and Durden push their respective protagonists to perform brutal acts, but both Davey and the Narrator are ultimately willing to succumb to their subconscious influences.

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    Cameron From 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' Is The Narrator

    This cross-movie fan theory from Redditor /u/AndrewTheCyborg is based on the premise that Ferris Bueller, the titular character from 1986's Ferris Bueller's Day Off, doesn't actually exist. Instead, he is a creation of his best friend, the introverted Cameron Fyre. 

    The theorist also contends that Cameron is the Narrator from Fight Club, first citing that Fyre's actor, Alan Ruck, resembles Edward Norton, who plays the Narrator. The Redditor then discusses how the destruction of Cameron's father's prized Ferrari ultimately affected Cameron: 

    With the destruction of the Ferrari, Cameron has, as a (partial) result of Ferris’ actions, displayed some degree of destructive tendencies, not only to the Ferrari, but (since he’s not afraid of his father’s anger), also himself. He could take another car and skip town, yet he doesn’t, because he foresees harm to himself, and almost embraces it.

    The Redditor argues that by 1999, Cameron has become the Narrator. He suffers from sleepless nights, and instead of imagining Ferris Bueller, he has conjured an imaginary friend named Tyler Durden.

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