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20+ Great Movies Where People Have to Fight to the Death

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There are no higher stakes than a fight to the death. Whether it's hand-to-hand combat, a knife fight, or a duel with pistols, death battles push film characters to their very limits. The top fight to the death movies feature dangerous scenarios where it's every man for himself. This is a list of fight to the death movies featuring everything from Bloodsport to Battle Royale to Gladiator.

What titles will you find on this list of films featuring fights to the death? If you're a fan of young adult fiction, you might vote The Hunger Games to the top. This series captivated movie-goers as Katniss Everdeen fought to keep her loved ones safe by entering a bloody and brutal tournament. The Kill Bill movies offered scores of breathtaking fight-to-the-death scenes, splashed in director Quentin Tarantino's signature bright colors and inventive cuts. The Running Man, based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, features Ben Richards using cunning and creativity to evade the deadly aim of the stalkers hunting him on a gladiator game show. Other good films featured on this top fight to the death movies list include The Naked Prey, Death Race, and The Killing Room.

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