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Every Fighter We Want To See Against Conor McGregor

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Who should Conor McGregor fight next? When it comes to professional fighting these days, it seems nothing is off the table.  UFC superstar Conor McGregor returns to action for the first time in six months for a rematch versus Dustin Poirier, after the aging martial artist couldn't pull it out at UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi. It makes you wonder, who else would we want to see fight Conor McGregor? Who would be the best UFC matchup for Conor McGregor? Who would be fun to watch Conor McGregor fight?

When thinking about who should fight McGregor next, social media star turned boxer Jake Paul comes to mind, having called out Conor McGregor for months. Other great fighters like Charles Oliveira, Justin Gaethje, or Dan Hooker would present strong technical matchups in the Octagon. It might also be fun to see McGregor return to boxing against Manny Pacquiao, or maybe even step in the wrestling ring versus The Rock.

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    We've wanted to see the trilogy bout, and we've finally got it.  Seven years ago, McGregor and Poirier took to the ring for a "Performance of the Night" fight for the ages.  One minute and forty six seconds in, McGregor delivered a technical series of punches to TKO "The Diamond" and send a message to all of UFC.  In January of 2021, Poirier squared off again with McGregor- this time handing over his own flurry of fists for a TKO win.  Since then, McGregor has blamed everything - rust, nutrition, the coronavirus - and presumably begged Dana White for a rematch. With ample time to train and a chip on his shoulder, can McGregor reclaim his former glory or will Poirier prove he's the man we saw in January?

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    One of the best featherweights fighting right now is UFC Featherweight Champion, Alexander Volkanovski, who took the title belt in 2019 and defended it in 2020. Volkanovski has won nineteen straight bouts, crushing everyone in his path, which would make for a great fight with McGregor. Only problem is, Conor would have to slim back down to the featherweight class. 

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      It was the Joker, in The Dark Knight, who said, “Madness, as you know, is like gravity ⁠— all it takes is a little push."  Since his two-minute TKO of retired MMA-fighter Ben Askren in the boxing ring in April 2021, Jake Paul has pushed and prodded Conor McGregor for a fight about as much as TikTok's bandwidth will allow.  The former Bizaardvark star, Paul, has also taken to Instagram to hail insults at McGregor, specifically dissing his wife, his manhood, and even his Irish Whiskey company!  If there's anyone McGregor needs to fight to set the record straight, it's Jake Paul.

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      Dan "The Hangman" Hooker

      Skeptics would argue that if McGregor beats Poirier, why should he fight against a guy Poirier himself beat in 2020?  On paper, they might be right, given how Hooker looked hapless upon finding himself in the unenviable position of having to welcome three-time Bellator champion Michael Chandler to the UFC.  But if Conor loses, and you look a little closer, you might see how Hooker went five tight rounds with Poirier before a decision loss and caught an unlucky punch from Chandler, making him a prime rebound fight candidate for McGregor.

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