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Every Fighter We Want To See Against Conor McGregor

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Who should Conor McGregor fight next? When it comes to professional fighting these days, it seems nothing is off the table.  UFC superstar Conor McGregor returns to action for the first time in six months for a rematch versus Dustin Poirier, after the aging martial artist couldn't pull it out at UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi. It makes you wonder, who else would we want to see fight Conor McGregor? Who would be the best UFC matchup for Conor McGregor? Who would be fun to watch Conor McGregor fight?

When thinking about who should fight McGregor next, social media star turned boxer Jake Paul comes to mind, having called out Conor McGregor for months. Other great fighters like Charles Oliveira, Justin Gaethje, or Dan Hooker would present strong technical matchups in the Octagon. It might also be fun to see McGregor return to boxing against Manny Pacquiao, or maybe even step in the wrestling ring versus The Rock.

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  • Back in August of 2017, Conor took on the undefeated boxing champion Floyd Maywhether Jr. in the ring, and he went the distance.  In a close decision, McGregor lost but landed a respectable 26% of his punches proving his boxing skill against one of the greatest fighters to ever tape his wrists.  Well, there just so happens to be another boxing legend hanging around the exhibition circuit (who could also rake in hundreds of millions in box office receipts). The southpaw Senator, media mogul, preacher, basketball player, and world welterweight boxing champion Manny Pacquiao would certainly be a fun fight worth every dollar.

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    Just last year, McGregor tweeted that he'd be willing to link horns with dos Anjos, as a gesture to make up for an allegedly canceled bout between the two in 2016.  Since then, the 36-year-old dos Anjos has been around the block, but following his return to the lightweight class, dos Anjos has already taken down one opponent and established himself as a force once again.  Perhaps five years ago, the fight would've drawn a little more thunder, but as we've seen recently in the entertainment industry, nostalgia sells. 

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    While it's unheard of for a heavyweight to go against a lightweight, you can't deny a fight of this magnitude would be felt on the Richter scale.  Having won sixteen of seventeen fights - with the 2017 Cormier bout thrown out - Jones is in fine fighting form.  The #1 fighter in the UFC men's pound-for-pound rankings, Jones is a obviously force to be reckoned with, so the question would remain, is Conor McGregor crazy enough to test that force?

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    For a decade we've debated, could Nick Saban's Alabama football dynasty beat the worst team in the NFL?  Did the 2014 Kentucky Wildcats basketball team actually have enough NBA talent to triumph over the awful  #TrustTheProcess Philadelphia 76ers?  Well, here's another one: would the greatest female fighter of all time stand a chance against a male MMA fighter in the Octagon?  Once the toast of UFC, Conor McGregor is well past his prime and seemingly not the fighter he once was.  We'll never get see it, but stranger things have happened than a pay-per-view one-time main event cash-grab fight. 

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