42 People Who Picked Fights with the Wrong Guy

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Stupid people fighting and losing. Vote for the dumbest.

Fights don't often go well outside of a boxing ring, but that doesn't keep people from going after other people and things when they get angry. These people decided to take out their aggression on just about anything near them, resulting in these funny fights. Whether it's a friend, a loved-one, a table, a trash can, a bush, a wall, a window or anything else, these people punch and kick it as hard as they can. Unfortunately for them, their attempts at kicking butt turned into fighting FAILs and won them a place on this list. 

How do you lose a fight with an inanimate object, you ask? Well, it's a combination of blind stupidity, dumb luck, and most likely a drink or two. The next time you get so frustrated you feel like punching a wall, just remind yourself of the fact that the wall might fight back. Just hope nobody is filming you.

Photo: flickr / CC0

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    Motorcyclist Vs. Van


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    Man Vs. Cop


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    Man Vs. Dog


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    Man Vs. Trash Can


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    Woman Vs. Mummy


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    Man Vs. Deer


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