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List of famous film actors and actresses from Croatia, listed by their popularity with photos when available. Croatia has given birth to some great movie actors and actresses over the years, many of who have gone on to star in comedies, dramas, horror movies and more. These are some of the best Croatian screen actors in the history of the world, so if you're a native of Croatia and an aspiring actor/actress then these are people you should look up to.

List is made up of many different film actors, including Dara Vukic and Sergio Mimica-Gezzan.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the best Croatian actors?" and "Which movies stars are from Croatia?"

You can click on the names of these legendary movie stars of Croatia in order to get more information about each one. If you're a film buff use this list of talented Croatian film actors to find some new movies you haven't already seen.

Batman Begins, X-Men: First Class, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part I Rade Šerbedžija, occasionally credited as Rade Sherbedgia in some English language productions, is a Serbian actor, director and musician. He is known for his portrayals of imposing figures on ...more

Ice Age, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Elektra Goran Višnjić is an actor.

The Third Man, Suspiria, Cinema Paradiso Alida Valli, sometimes simply credited as Valli, stage name of Baroness Alida Maria Laura Altenburger von Marckenstein u. Frauenberg, was an Italian actress who appeared in more than 100 films, ...more

Schindler's List, The Elm-Chanted Forest, Forest Creatures Vili Matula is an actor.

Here, Will Not End Here, Play Me a Love Song Ivan Herceg is a Croatian actor.

Ante Čedo Martinić Aloa: Festivity of the Whores Ante Čedo Martinić was a Croatian actor.

Just Between Us, Blurs, 72 days Živko Anoèić is an actor.

No Man's Land, Grbavica: The Land of My Dreams, The Trap Bogdan Diklić is a Serbian actor active since the late 1970s who starred in over one hundred Yugoslav films and television series. Diklić made ten films with director Goran Marković. In August ...more

Malicious, A Man Called Sledge, Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs Laura Antonelli is a retired Italian film actress, who appeared in 45 movies between 1965 and 1991.

The Last Will, Čaruga, What Is a Man Without a Moustache? Ivo Gregurević is a Croatian actor. In more than quarter of century Gregurević usually played rural bullies and arrogant nouveau riche and became one of Croatia's best known and most dependable ...more

When Father Was Away on Business, Twice Born, Babylon 5: In the Beginning Mira Furlan is a Croatian actress and singer. She is best known for her roles as the Minbari Ambassador Delenn on all five seasons of the science fiction television series Babylon 5, and as ...more

Unknown, The Baader Meinhof Complex, The Edukators Stipe Erceg is a German/Croatian actor. He is notable for playing the role of Peter in the 2004 Hans Weingartner film The Edukators alongside Daniel Brühl and Julia Jentsch, as well as the ...more

Otto von Habsburg, also known by his royal name as Archduke Otto of Austria, was the last Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary from 1916 until the dissolution of the empire in 1918, a realm which ...more

The Aviator, Fade to Black, Occupation in 26 Pictures Frano Lasić is a Croatian actor and singer.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Hostage, Universal Soldiers Dario Deak is a Bosnian-American film and television actor. His acting career since 2004 has included parts in the hits Hostage and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy After almost six years ...more

No Man's Land, The Last Will, Čaruga Filip Šovagović is a Croatian actor, film director, playwright and journalist. At first known simply as the son of renowned Croatian actor Fabijan Šovagović, Filip Šovagović has appeared in many ...more

Stuck on You, The Good German, Speakeasy Zvonimir Hace is an actor and stunt performer.

F for Fake, The Other Side of the Wind, Don Quixote Oja Kodar is a Croatian actress, screenwriter and director, best known as Orson Welles's girlfriend for the last 24 years of his life.

Schindler's List, The Peacemaker Branko Lustig is a prominent Croatian film producer. He is the only person born in the territory of present day Croatia to have won two Academy Awards.

St. George Shoots the Dragon, Vegetarian Cannibal, All for Free Nataša Janjić is a Croatian actress.

2012, Dirty Pretty Things, Pusher Zlatko Burić is a Croat-Danish actor. He was born in Osijek, Croatia, and educated at Dramski Studio in Osijek. In the 1970s and early 1980s, Kićo belonged to the experimental theater group ...more

Ninja Assassin, The Countess, The Philosopher Adriana Altaras is a Croatia-born German actress, theater director and writer. Altaras was born on 6 April 1960 in Zagreb to a Croatian Jewish family of Jakob and Thea Altaras. Due to political ...more

Dancing in Water, Short Night of the Glass Dolls, Lapitch the Little Shoemaker Relja Bašić is a Croatian actor, one of the most prolific and versatile Croatian actors with a career which lasts for more than half a century. Bašić was born on 14 February 1930 in Zagreb, at ...more

Garcia, Horseman, No One's Son Goran Grgić is a Croatian theatre, television and film actor. Grgić graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb in 1990. Upon graduation he was hired as a regular cast ...more

An Event, Anno Domini 1573 Sergio Mimica-Gezzan is a Croatian-born American film and television director and son of famous Croatian film director Vatroslav Mimica. He has received three Directors Guild of America awards ...more

Grbavica: The Land of My Dreams, Variola Vera, The 4th Man Semka Sokolović-Bertok was a Bosnian actress. She also was a competitive chess player in her youth, winning the Croatian Chess Juniors Championship eight times.

Short Night of the Glass Dolls, Silent Gunpowder, My Uncle's Legacy Fabijan Šovagović was a Croatian actor. Fabijan Šovagović was born in the village of Ladimirevci, in the Slavonia region of Croatia. He began acting in his youth and from late 1950s he appeared ...more

Undisputed II: Last Man Standing, Transporter 3, Man of Tai Chi Silvio Simac is a Croatian martial artist who has appeared in many mainstream American action movies. He has trained in martial arts since he immigrated to England in 1986 and is a 14 times ...more

Welcome to Sarajevo, Cirkus Columbia Ines Fancovic is an actress.

A Wonderful Night in Split, Daredevil's Time, Priko sinjeg mora Miljenko "Dino" Dvornik was a Croatian singer, songwriter, music producer, actor and reality television star.

Forest Creatures, The Promised Land Vanja Matujec is an actress.

Witnesses, Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying, Just Between Us Bojan Navojec is a Croatian theatre and film actor.

Lapitch the Little Shoemaker, The Elm-Chanted Forest, The Magician's Hat Vladimir Kovacic was an actor.

The Elm-Chanted Forest, Wild Angels, To Live on Love Veronika Kovacic is an actress.

Caesar the Conqueror, David and Goliath, Train Without a Timetable Ivica Pajer was an actor.

W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism, The Melody Haunts My Memory, The Key Jagoda Kaloper is a Croatian painter and actress famous for groundbreaking roles in classic films in the former Yugoslav cinema.

Battle of Neretva, The Last Will, Man Is Not a Bird Boris Dvornik was a Croatian actor. Born in Split to the family of a carpenter, Boris Dvornik discovered acting talent at an early age, while performing in children's plays. After studying to ...more

Čaruga, The Melody Haunts My Memory, Bravo maestro Mladen Budiscak was an actor.

Joan Lui Rita Rusic, also known as Rita Cecchi Gori, is a Croatian producer, actress and singer. Rusic's career began as an actress with a major role in the 1982 film Attila flagello di Dio. She was ...more

The Elm-Chanted Forest, The Magician's Hat, The Promised Land Ljubo Kapor was an actor.

The Hunting Party, Witnesses, The Living and the Dead Marinko Prga is an actor.

No Man's Land, Garcia, Visitors from the Galaxy René Bitorajac is a Croatian actor. He appeared in a number of Croatian and Bosnian films since the 1980s. Most notably, he starred in the 2001 Academy Award-winning Bosnian film No Man's ...more

Garcia, Just Between Us, That Summer of White Roses Vanja Drach was a Croatian theatre and film actor. His film and television credits include H-8, Lud zbunjen normalan, Gospa, Charuga, Kapelski kresovi, Nikola Tesla, Svjedoci. Between 1957 up to ...more

Short Night of the Glass Dolls, The Elm-Chanted Forest, The Magician's Hat Sven Lasta was a Croatian television and film actor.

The Elm-Chanted Forest Ivo Rogulja was an actor.

Ultimate Force Mirko Filipović is a Croatian heavyweight kickboxer, mixed martial artist, retired boxer, politician, and law enforcement officer. As of April 13, 2015, he is #15 in official UFC Heavyweight ...more

Lapitch the Little Shoemaker, The Elm-Chanted Forest, The Magician's Hat Emil Glad was a Croatian actor. Glad was a long-time member of Gavella Drama Theatre, from its foundation in 1954 until his retirement in 1994. His film credits include Lapitch the Little ...more

The Hunting Party, Horseman, Will Not End Here Mladen Vulic is an actor.

High Voltage, Horseman, Virgina Nada Gacesic is an actress.

Dragan Milivojević The Magician's Hat, The Ninth Circle Dragan Milivojević is an actor.