Popular Film Actors from Singapore

List of famous film actors and actresses from Singapore, listed by their popularity with photos when available. Singapore has given birth to some great movie actors and actresses over the years, many of who have gone on to star in comedies, dramas, horror movies and more. These are some of the best Singaporean screen actors in the history of the world, so if you're a native of Singapore and an aspiring actor/actress then these are people you should look up to.

List features film actors like Allan Wu, Hossan Leong and more!

This list answers the questions, "Who are the best Singaporean actors?" and "Which movies stars are from Singapore?"

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  • Jet Li
    The Expendables, The Expendables 2, Hero
    • Birthplace: China, Beijing
    • Nationality: Singapore

    Emerging as one of the best martial artists in cinema, Jet Li has enthralled audiences with his impressive skills and passion for the craft. Born in Beijing, China, Li won numerous national Wushu championships before transitioning to acting in the late 1980s. His roles in films such as Once Upon a Time in ChinaRomeo Must Die, and Hero have solidified his status as an international action star.

  • Gong Li
    Memoirs of a Geisha, Miami Vice, Raise the Red Lantern
    • Birthplace: Shenyang, China
    • Nationality: China, Singapore

    Regarded as one of China's most accomplished actresses, Gong Li first captured the world's attention with her stunning performance in the film Red Sorghum. Often collaborating with director Zhang Yimou, she has also amazed audiences in critically acclaimed movies like Raise the Red LanternTo Live, and Memoirs of a Geisha. Her powerful and diverse performances continue to make her a highly sought-after actor in both Asian and Western cinema.

  • Chen Sing
    Demon Fighter, The Deadly Duo, Wu Tang Clan Presents: Kung Fu of 8 Drunkards
    • Birthplace: Thailand
    • Nationality: China

    Born in Guangdong, China, Chen Sing was a master of Kung Fu and quickly established himself as an iconic martial arts actor in the 1970s. Known for his powerful screen presence, he appeared in classic Hong Kong productions such as The Boxer from ShantungFour Real Friends, and Bloody Fists. Despite passing away in 2000, his contributions to martial arts cinema remain influential and cherished by fans worldwide.

  • Julia Nickson-Soul
    Rambo: First Blood Part II, Sidekicks, Double Dragon
    • Birthplace: Singapore
    • Nationality: United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore

    Singapore-born Julia Nickson-Soul made her mark in Hollywood with a captivating performance in the classic war film Rambo: First Blood Part II. Her strong onscreen presence has also led to roles in TV series like Magnum, P.I.Walker, Texas Ranger, and Nash Bridges. With a career spanning over three decades, Nickson-Soul continues to impress with her commitment to her craft and memorable roles.

  • Anna Cummer
    The Barbie Diaries, Barbie Presents: Thumbelina, The Legend of Silk Boy
    • Birthplace: Singapore
    • Nationality: Canada

    Canadian voice actress and stage performer Anna Cummer has made an impact in the world of animation with her versatility and talent. Best known for her work in popular animated series such as BarbieDragon Ball GT, and Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Cummer's distinct voice has enchanted children and adults alike. Additionally, her passion for theatre has seen her take on various stage roles throughout her career.

  • Fann Wong

    Fann Wong

    Shanghai Knights, Zodiac: The Race Begins, When I Fall in Love... with Both
    • Birthplace: Singapore
    • Nationality: Singapore

    Hailing from Singapore, Fann Wong is a highly regarded actress and singer with an impressive list of accolades and awards to her name. Her breakthrough role in the television drama The Return of the Condor Heroes launched her career, and she later gained international recognition for her performance in the film Shanghai Knights. Always pushing boundaries, Wong continues to captivate audiences both in Asia and beyond.