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Popular Film Actors from Venezuela

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List of famous film actors and actresses from Venezuela, listed by their popularity with photos when available. Venezuela has given birth to some great movie actors and actresses over the years, many of who have gone on to star in comedies, dramas, horror movies and more. These are some of the best Venezuelan screen actors in the history of the world, so if you're a native of Venezuela and an aspiring actor/actress then these are people you should look up to.

List film actors include Édgar Ramírez, Xabier Elorriaga and many more.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the best Venezuelan actors?" and "Which movies stars are from Venezuela?"

You can click on the names of these legendary movie stars of Venezuela in order to get more information about each one. If you're a film buff use this list of talented Venezuelan film actors to find some new movies you haven't already seen.
  • Wilmer Valderrama1

    Wilmer Valderrama

    Beauty Shop, Larry Crowne

    BirthplaceMiami, Florida, United States of America

    NationalityUnited States of America

    ParentsBalbino A. Valderrama, Sobeida Valderrama

    Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama (born January 30, 1980) is an American actor, producer, singer and...  more

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  • María Conchita Alonso2

    María Conchita Alonso

    The Running Man, Predator 2

    BirthplaceCienfuegos, Cuba

    NationalityVenezuela, United States of America, Cuba

    ParentsMaría Conchita Bustillo, Ricardo Alonso

    María Conchita Alonso Bustillo (born June 29, 1957), better known as María Conchita, is a...  more
  • Andrew Divoff3

    Andrew Divoff

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Hunt for Red October

    BirthplaceSan Tomé, Venezuela


    Andrew Daniel Divoff (Russian: Андрей Ди́вов, correctly transcribed as Divov; born July 2,...  more
  • Édgar Ramírez4

    Édgar Ramírez

    The Bourne Ultimatum, Zero Dark Thirty

    BirthplaceSan Cristóbal, Venezuela


    ParentsSoday Arellano, Filiberto Ramírez

    Édgar Filiberto Ramírez Arellano (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈeðɣaɾ raˈmiɾes], born March 25,...  more
  • Majandra Delfino5

    Majandra Delfino

    Traffic, Life as We Know It

    BirthplaceVenezuela, Caracas

    NationalityVenezuela, United States of America

    ParentsEnrique Delfino, Mary Hellmund

    ChildrenCecilia Delphine Walton

    Majandra Delfino (born February 20, 1981) is a Venezuelan-born actress and singer. She is best...  more
  • Patricia Velásquez6

    Patricia Velásquez

    The Mummy, The Mummy Returns

    BirthplaceMaracaibo, Venezuela

    NationalityVenezuela, United States of America

    Patricia Carola Velásquez Semprún (born January 31, 1971) is a Venezuelan actress and model....  more

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  • John Novak7

    John Novak

    Legends of the Fall, BloodRayne: The Third Reich

    BirthplaceCaracas, Venezuela


    John Novak (born September 9, 1955 in Caracas) is a Venezuelan-born Canadian actor and anime...  more
  • Marieh Delfino8

    Marieh Delfino

    Jeepers Creepers 2, Zerophilia

    BirthplaceVenezuela, Caracas

    NationalityUnited States of America

    ParentsEnrique Delfino, Mary Hellmund

    Marieh Delfino (born September 24, 1977) is an American actress....  more
  • Jesse Corti9

    Jesse Corti

    Beauty and the Beast, Love & Basketball


    NationalityVenezuela, United States of America

    ChildrenAvrielle Corti, Jesse David Corti

    Jesse Corti is an American actor and voice actor. He is best known for voicing LeFou in...  more
  • Santiago Cabrera10

    Santiago Cabrera

    Goal II: Living the Dream, Hemingway & Gellhorn

    BirthplaceCaracas, Venezuela

    NationalityChile, Venezuela

    Santiago Cabrera (Spanish pronunciation: [sanˈtjaɣo kaˈβɾeɾa]; born 5 May 1978) is a...  more
  • Electra Avellan11

    Electra Avellan

    Planet Terror, Death Proof

    BirthplaceCaracas, Venezuela


    Electra Amelia Avellan and Elise Isabel Avellan (identical twins, born August 12, 1986) are...  more
  • Elise Avellan12

    Elise Avellan

    Planet Terror, Death Proof

    BirthplaceCaracas, Venezuela


  • Doris Morgado13

    Doris Morgado

    The Internship, Hall Pass

    BirthplaceCaracas, Venezuela

    NationalityVenezuela, United States of America

    Doris Morgado is an actress that was born in Caracas, Venezuela on July 17. At the age of...  more
  • Ricardo Montaner14
    Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner (born September 8, 1957), better known as Ricardo Montaner...  more
  • Valeria Solarino15

    Valeria Solarino

    The Ages of Love, The Sea Purple

    BirthplaceBarcelona, Venezuela

    NationalityVenezuela, Italy

    Valeria Solarino (born 4 November 1979) is an Italian actress, born in Venezuela. She was born...  more
  • 16

    Mauricio Sanchez

    Zoolander, Date Movie

    BirthplaceMérida, Mérida, Venezuela


    ParentsRosarito Sanchez-Hernandez, Manuel Sanchez-Hernandez

    Mauricio Sanchez (born December 1973) is a Venezuelan actor....  more
  • Nick Puga17

    Nick Puga

    Ocean's Thirteen, The Terminal

    BirthplaceVenezuela, Caracas


    Nick Puga is an actor and film producer....  more
  • Xabier Elorriaga18

    Xabier Elorriaga

    Rage, Thesis

    BirthplaceMaracaibo, Venezuela


    Xabier González Elorriaga (born April 1, 1944 in Maracaibo) is a Spanish film and TV actor,...  more
  • Jose Torres19

    Jose Torres

    Death Rides a Horse, Oliver's Story



    ChildrenArlette Torres

    José Torres is an actor and the father of Arlette Torres....  more
  • 20

    Yeniffer Behrens

    Seven Pounds, The Specialist

    BirthplaceVenezuela, Caracas

    NationalityVenezuela, United States of America

    Yeniffer Behrens is an actress and film producer....  more
  • Franco De Vita21

    Franco De Vita

    Canciones del Corazon

    BirthplaceCaracas, Venezuela


    Franco De Vita (born January 23, 1954 in Caracas, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan Latin Grammy...  more
  • 22

    BirthplaceCaracas, Venezuela


    ChildrenGénesis Rodríguez, Liliana Rodríguez Morillo, Lilibeth Morillo

    José Luis Rodríguez González, nicknamed El Puma (Cougar) (Spanish pronunciation: [xoseˈlwiz...  more
  • Elizabeth Avellán23

    Elizabeth Avellán

    Full Tilt Boogie, Shorts

    BirthplaceCaracas, Venezuela

    NationalityVenezuela, United States of America

    ChildrenRacer Rodríguez, Rebel Rodriguez, Rocket Valentin Rodriguez, Rhiannon Elizabeth Rodriguez, Rogue Rodriguez

    Elizabeth Avellán Veloz (born November 8, 1960) is a Venezuelan-born American film producer....  more
  • 24

    Arlette Torres

    A Soldier's Memories, Cenizas eternas

    BirthplaceVenezuela, Caracas

    NationalityVenezuela, France

    ParentsJose Torres

    Arlette Torres is an actress....  more
  • Sebastian Gutierrez25
    Sebastian Gutiérrez (born September 10, 1974) is a Venezuelan film director, screenwriter and...  more