15 Of The Coolest Movie Filming Locations You Should Visit (According To People Who Have Been There)

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Are you interested in film tourism? The magical secret of the movie industry is that productions can recreate any place in literally any other place. You might be watching a movie that takes place in France but it was actually filmed in the United States. There are plenty of very interesting examples of great locations that you can visit and have a movie themed vacation. Check them out and vote up!

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    Walk Through The Real Diagon Alley From 'Harry Potter' In London

    From Redditor u/coak3333:

    Leadenhall Market in London was used as the location for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter.

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    Visit The Original 'Halloween' House In Hollywood

    From a former Redditor

    This summer I went to the location of the houses where Jamie and Annie were babysitting in the original Halloween. Very odd. Right off of a main road in Hollywood. And much smaller and close together than they appear in the film. There’s been a little remodeling on the Annie/Lindsay house Very cool to see.

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    Sit On The 'Forrest Gump' Bench In Savannah, Georgia

    From Redditor u/BraveLittleCatapult:

    Several famous movies filmed scenes in Savannah, Georgia, including Forrest Gump (the bench where Forrest tells his story is downtown). Tybee Island (and the beach!) is a short drive away.

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    You Can Walk Through Half Of 'Infinity War' In Atlanta

    From Redditor u/Samantha_Cruz:

    Here are where some scenes from Infinity War were filmed:

    The scene where Spiderman shows up and saves Tony from being squashed in the first 20 minutes of Infinity War was filmed in Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta.

    The scene where Tony first faced off with Squidward was filmed a couple of blocks away.

    The scene in the park where Tony is telling Pepper about his dream of a daughter named Morgan was filmed about 10 blocks North in Piedmont Park.

    the end credit scene in IW where Nick Fury and Maria Hill turned to ash was filmed on Forsyth Street; just a few streets away.

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    Take A Trip To Universal Studios To See The Bates Motel

    From Redditor u/HahGHEEEEY:

    Bates Motel is on the Universal Hollywood backlot tour.

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    'Labyrinth' Was Filmed Almost Entirely At Elstree Studios In The UK

    From Redditor u/InscrutableAudacity

    Labyrinth was almost entirely filmed at Elstree Studios, which isn't open to the public. The only location filming that happened in the UK was at West Wycombe Park, in Buckinghamshire. The house and grounds are only open to the public over the summer, until the end of August.