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21 Films Accused of Copyright Infringement

From Avatar to The Deer Hunter, there are lots of Hollywood films that found themselves in court, being sued for copyright infringement. In fact, many of the best movies have been slapped with lawsuits, with writers and others claiming that filmmakers stole their ideas. Some of these movie lawsuits had merit and some were bogus, but either way, it definitely wasn't great for the the film's reputation. Which movies have been sued for being ripoffs?

Anyone with a laptop and a nearby Starbucks can be a writer these days and it seems that more and more news stories about directors, producers, writers, and even score composers being sued for infringement are popping up. But was Titanic a ripoff? How about that Frozen lawsuit? Many of these copyright cases are so ridiculous, they would also qualify on a list of the most ridiculous lawsuits in history!

Though copyright cases like those that have plagued The Cabin in the Woods, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and even Indiana Jones don't always have much weight, they bog down the filmmakers in court cases and unwanted media attention.

So which Hollywood blockbuster, animated films, and awesome movie franchise have found themselves needing to lawyer up? Check out the list of movies sued for copyright infringement below.