Films For Thunderstorms!

Some are scary, some just have a lot of rain, but these are my go-tos for stormy nights! There's something about the sound of rain that really makes you want to watch a movie when you're trapped indoors, but it's the thunder and lightning that specifically makes you want to watch something spooky or suspenseful. A few of the films on this list specifically have scenes with rain or thunder and lightning, and it's fun to watch them during a storm. Horror movies like The Amityville Horror are really scary when it's storming, and classics like Jurassic Park can really get your heart racing!

You'll probably recognize all the movies on this list, as a lot of them were big blockbusters or box offices successes. This list is just a personal opinion, so you can't "rank" the movies like the other lists on this site, like fantasy movies on Netflix. This list of zombie movies on Netflix is pretty good too.
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