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All the Films That Opened Against a Star Wars Movie and How They Did

Updated February 11, 2021 25.7k views14 items

What studio would be foolhardy enough to make one of their films open against a Star Wars movie? You'd actually be pretty surprised by the movies that tried to take on the legendary series. Even though the Star Wars franchise has been a box office juggernaut from the onset, other films have still bravely premiered the same day as a Star Wars opening. Some of those movies have actually done pretty well - others have crashed and burned faster than the Executor during the Battle of Endor.  

But why does this happen? Why do films go up against the most powerful movie franchise in the world? There are many reasons. Some studios think their movies will appeal to an audience uninterested in Star Wars, and sometimes they’re right. Other films, however, are set up on those weekends to get dumped so nobody notices just how bad they are.