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Filth Movie Quotes

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"Filth" movie quotes take viewers on a raunchy ride that follows one Scottish cop who might just be losing his mind. Based on Irvine Welsh's novel of the same name, the crime-comedy movie was written and directed by Jon S. Baird. "Filth" opened in Scotland on September 27, 2013, then in the United States on May 30, 2014.

In "Filth," Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy) lives life to the fullest, complete with drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and many shenanigans. Inside, however, he strives to earn a promotion to Detective Inspector and to reach that end, he takes a case investigating the death of a Japanese student.

Somewhere along the way, Bruce falls into a deep hallucination leading the officer into madness. What follows is an epic battle both in his head and with his doctor (Jim Broadbent), friend Amanda (Imogen Poots), and those responsible for the murder. Meanwhile, deep down, Bruce also wishes to reunite with his wife and child, all difficult tasks, especially in his state of mind, or lack there of.

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    Who Taught You That Technique?

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    Bruce Robertson: "What does that make me then?"
    Bunty: "You're a policeman."
    Bruce Robertson: "Christ! Who taught you that technique? A friggin' cheese grater?"

    Bruce is a man who gets what he wants. So when he wants some servicing from a younger girl, he pulls out his badge to accomplish that. What she gives him, however, isn't what he wanted exactly.
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    Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson

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    Bruce Robertson: "Scotland, we're such a uniquely successful race. This nation brought the world television, whiskey and, of course, me, Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson."

    Bruce Robertson explains just how important his country is, and how important he is. Clearly he has no issue with self-esteem.
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    No Problems, I Presume

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    Dr. Rossi: "How have you been since our last consultation? No problems, I presume."

    When Dr. Rossi asks how Bruce has been since their last meeting, of course Bruce says that all is well. What Bruce is not saying is that he's deep in a hallucination and possibly losing his mind.
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    More Spunk Than I Came in With

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    Madame: "That's everything you need to know about the guys you're after."
    Bruce Robertson: "I never thought I'd see the day when I left a knocking shop with more spunk than I came in with."

    When he's not having fun, Bruce actually does some police work. Here, he's collecting bodily fluids from a suspect accused of killing a student.
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