Songs With The Absolute Filthiest Lyrics Possible

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These songs with the filthiest lyrics are so down and dirty that they should make you blush - and if you didn't know what they were about, well, you will soon. Now you get to decide which of these are the dirtiest songs of all time (it's a stiff competition).

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that most of these are rap songs. The hip hop community has a long and storied history of writing explicit tunes matched with throbbing bass lines that go into graphic detail. These are songs that you don’t want to hear if you’re riding in the car with your mom and certainly don’t want to get caught humming in the middle of math class.

Rappers are not the only ones represented on this list, though - rock and grunge can get pretty downright lewd as well. Make your voice heard. Vote up the songs you think are the filthiest.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY)