Which 'Final Fantasy' Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?
Photo: Final Fantasy / Square Enix

Which 'Final Fantasy' Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Since 1987, the Final Fantasy franchise has taken the world of interactive entertainment by storm. Regardless of console, each installment of Square Enix's epic role-playing game brings its audience an exciting world filled with sci-fi fantasy and extraordinary lore. The Final Fantasy characters that enrich these stories are all memorable in their own ways, whether it's because of their impactful dialogue and storylines, or their overly wispy silver hair and ridiculously giant swords.

Final Fantasy zodiac signs are the perfect escape for those who seek their solace through the stars (and also love playing long-winded RPGs). Let's connect these eccentric and unforgettable video game personalities with their astrological kindred spirits - after all, aligning Final Fantasy characters by zodiac sign helps explain what make them tick.

  • An Aries is full of courage. They're bold and fearless, and certainly don't take "no" for an answer. As the head of the astrological zodiac, they're natural-born leaders who take pride in their accomplishments. Taking the role as main heroine of Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning is an independent and fearless character.

    She's self-centered but fiercely dedicated to her personal path. Just like the stubborn and confrontational celestial Ram, if things aren't going her way, she's bound to bump heads about it.

  • Taurus (April 20-May 20): Squall Leonhart

    As the unmoving Bull of the zodiac, a Taurus has a strong will and stands their ground in any situation. While their stubborn nature can make them a bit difficult to deal with, they're also persistent and dedicated. It might take a Taurus a while to get moving, but once they set their mind to something, they stick with it until the end.

    Squall might have a standoffish personality, but it's simply a Taurus's overly cautious nature. Regardless of being hesitant to let others in, he's completely in control of his responsibilities. He makes sure everything that needs to get done gets done, showing off Taurus's excellent organizational skills. 

  • Being charming and fascinating is in a Gemini's nature. Rulers of communication, they never cease to captivate their audience with wit and charisma. As the galactic Twins, Gemini are known for having two sides to their personality.

    On one hand, Final Fantasy's Sephiroth is an idolized soldier who is a resilient and resourceful soldier. On the other, he is a fearsome and powerful foe. He has a keen intellect, but his intuitive and inventive inner Gemini only comes out to those he deems worthy.

  • Tucking their fragile emotions within a hardened shell, a Cancer's personality mimics the Crab they're symbolically represented by. While Tifa Lockhart is buff on the outside, she's a sensitive and shy person on the inside. She might look intimidating, but beneath her tough exterior lies an empathetic and nurturing caretaker. 

    Shyness can make a Cancer uncommunicative and elusive, keeping them from growing close with others. However, once their sensitive barrier has shattered, they have a lot of love to give. Like Tifa, they can spend more time caring about others than they do themselves.

  • A Leo shines the brightest out of any sign in the zodiac. After all, they are ruled by the Sun. Lionhearted and loyal, this sign is known for their courage, generosity, and honesty. Gracing the Final Fantasy franchise with her upbeat attitude and extroverted personality, Aerith Gainsborough is a Leo through and through.

    Aerith is an ambitious, kind woman who insists on getting her way. Though she's caring, her arrogance sometimes makes her insensitive towards the problems of others.

  • All a Virgo really wants is to be a hero. They're masters of health and virtue, and work hard to maintain order. While their actions are inherently noble, they have a preachy nature and love to inform everyone around them of their accomplishments.

    Yuffie Kisaragi is no stranger to the ways of a Virgo, often acting out in the name of heroics and giving herself titles like "Great Ninja Yuffie." Though bold and brash, Yuffie is dedicated to her valiant ways, always around to lend a helping hand whenever anyone is in need.