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10 Final Fantasy Characters Deemed Too Sexy for America

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From the late-'80s to the mid-'90s, Nintendo dominated the video game market, and Nintendo of America insisted that all games released on its consoles in the states follow their PG-13 “Video Game Content Guidelines.” This meant no "sexually suggestive or explicit content," among many, many, other restrictions, including no references to religion, alcohol, drugs, or politics. For JRPG fans, this meant a lot of censored Final Fantasy characters in America.

Censorship of the Final Fantasy games in the US began back in 1987 with the very first game in the franchise and lasted until Nintendo final loosened up in the N64 era. Since then, many of the games have, fortunately, been re-released on other consoles in all their uncensored glory. But even in the so-called eighth generation of video game history, a few sexy Final Fantasy characters were toned down in official artwork released in America. Since this is the Internet age, we can look at all the 16-bit midriffs and Harajuku Girl-inspired character sketches we want, worry-free. Enjoy!

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    Dancing Girl (Final Fantasy IV)

    The anonymous "dancing girls" of Final Fantasy IV actually take their dresses off in the Japanese Super Famicom version, revealing a tiny little 16-bit bikini. In the American Super Nintendo version - known as Final Fantasy II - they just jump around a bit, fully-clothed.

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    Medusa (Final Fantasy)

    While kids playing the original Final Fantasy in Japan got to fight Medusa in all her topless-yet-nippleless 8-bit glory, Americans got Medusa in a sports bra. Even a hideous Gorgon that turns men to stone needs a little support, right?

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